USA: people convicted of animal cruelty should be barred from having guns

Convicted animal abusers should be barred from possessing guns

Animal abuse is a very serious crime because of its link to crimes against people which is why convicted animal abusers should not have guns. Seriousness of crimes concerning animals undervalued Animal cruelty is very serious even if we put to one side for a moment the pain and distress suffered by the animal …

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Got an old washing machine? Use it as a cat shelter.

Old washing machines used for cat homes1

A veterinarian in Portugal, supported by the local council has started an imaginative program of providing individual shelters for stray and feral cats using old washing machines. I am referring to the ones that you load horizontally of course. I realise that in the US there are some enormous vertical loading machines. It sounds …

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Asperger’s man crafts beautiful cat home because he loves trails and cats

Greg and Winnie

Greg Krueger loves trails and cats. He is also a good craftsman. The end result is a home which is full of trails for cats and they’re all high up. This, then, is a beautiful environment for domestic cats. Cats like to move vertically. They like to be high up looking down and of …

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Cat owner’s mother-in-law goes crazy and injures her cat

This mother-in-law was a danger to cats

As a cat owner, have you had problems with your mother-in-law regarding your cats? This woman certainly did. While her husband went through military training in eastern America, her husband’s parents asked if she would like to live with them as a guest until her husband’s return in December. She agreed partly because she …

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Ritualistic mutilation photos appeared online right before warning of alleged cat killers being in Asheville

cat cruelty

Two people have been arrested and a third is being sought after police found a dead cat at the 600 block of Haywood Road in Asheville, North Carolina.  The tragic death of Kitty was brought to the attention of the Asheville Police Department (APD) after Veronica Coit of Asheville Cat Weirdos (a cat owners …

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