Boss tells nightshift worker to stop feeding a vulnerable stray kitten so he did something better

Momo living in parking lot

Brandon Lesky is a nightshift worker at a news station. A mother and her two kittens turned up in the parking lot outside his workplace. One day they disappeared but one of the kittens stayed behind. She looked awfully lonely at the perimeter of the parking lot, sitting against the fence. Surely she would …

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Crackhead cat sprawls into a pile of catnip and eats it

Crackhead ginger tabby cat slides into pile of catnip

Crackhead: a person who habitually takes or is addicted to crack cocaine. For cats it means to really enjoy catnip. This large ginger tabby certainly falls into this category as he slides down over a pile of the stuff and starts to eat it. [weaver_widget_area id=’in_page_adsense’ class=’alt-class’ style=’inline-style’] CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE A …

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Marin feral cat population is being managed properly

Marin Friends of Ferals -Career Cat Program for feral cats

This is an example of how a local feral cat population can be properly managed. It’s happening in Marin County, USA. Janet Williams, the co-founder and president of Marin Friends of Ferals, explains what she means by feral cats being managed properly. Janet has worked with feral cats in and around Marin for 14 …

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Dog cognition does not look exceptional or in other words dogs aren’t cleverer than cats!

Cat loves dog and dog loves cat

A decade ago the psychologist, Dr Osthaus, published a scientific paper on animal cognition which showed that dogs were cleverer than cats. There’s been a debate ever since and quite a heated debate it can be. There was quite a lot of fallout from cat owners. Currently, Dr Osthaus has published, with her colleague …

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Woman suffers from acute ailurophobia (fear of cats) (video)

Ailorophobic woman

A CCTV camera picked up this interesting event. It’s in an industrial kitchen in South Africa. A black lady is clearly completely terrified of domestic cats. Two cats race into the kitchen and she panics. She jumps up onto one of the stainless steel work surfaces to protect herself from the cats. [weaver_widget_area id=’in_page_adsense’ …

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Cat who went missing during road trip from Colorado to Florida has been found

Oskar is a ginger beauty who went missing during a road trip from Colorado to Florida when his owners stopped for the night in Nebraska. This weekend he’ll be reunited with his family. Oskar went missing on August 10 and was last seen at the Quality Inn & Suites in North Platte. Owners Alex …

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Wichita City Council delays ordinance allowing residents to keep feral cat colonies in their yards

Feral cats

The proposal in Wichita, Kansas allowing residents to keep feral cat colonies in their yards has been delayed until December or January pending some changes, the San Francisco Gate reported November 29. The Wichita City Council advisory board says the Wichita Police Department would have to develop a plan to trap stray cats in …

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