Thanks to a microchip, a cat who escaped during a 2013 visit to the vet reunited with family

This is the happy ending story of Roxy, a 7-year-old cat from the Kingswood, South Gloucestershire area who escaped during a 2013 visit to the vet. Thanks to a microchip, Roxy has been reunited with her family. Owner Vicky Stokes put up posters back in 2013 but Roxy was never found. It was recently …

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4 reasons why your cat licks herself where you have petted her

Stroking a cat can encourage the cat to self-groom

A few times I have endeavoured to answer the question as to why cats lick themselves where you pet them. It’s a perennial question and one which fascinates a lot of people. We don’t know for sure what the answer is but I think I now have the more credible answer. There are four …

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The true story of the extinction of New Zealand’s Stephens Island Wren by feral cats

Stephens Island and the Wren

Cats – domestic, stray and, at the end of the day, feral – caused the extinction of the Stephens Island Wren, a small, flightless bird. It took under two years. Yes, cats made this bird extinct in around 20 months. The bird was an island species and very vulnerable. The bird was known to …

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Society should not persecute volunteers who struggle to help stray cats

If you feed a stray cat is it legally yours?

Kind people are sometimes compelled to help stray cats but are fearful of complaints and worse. A lady responded to Rae’s article (see link below) which is about helping a woman who become overwhelmed in providing care for stray cats. The woman asked Rae for help and she provided it in the most charitable …

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Family in tears when they learned that Callie had been found alive following fatal Christmas Eve wreck

Found cat

UPDATE January 2, 2019 Second kitty has been caught! I’ll be writing an article as soon as I’m updated. This is an update on the young woman killed in wreck on Christmas Eve whose two precious cats escaped their carrier and were lost. Callie, the senior cat, was found early Sunday morning only 50 …

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Social media rumor: Butte County cats rescued after California fires labeled as ‘ferals’ will be killed Monday

Information going around on social media concerning the cats brought in to Butte County Animal Control in Oroville, California after being rescued from the California wildfires has caused an uproar. Judging from several posts over the last hour (which are flooding my inbox), the cats are safe. Right now it’s leaning more toward gossip …

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