When he’s not ‘treating’ trees, arborist can be found climbing them to rescue cats

Ginger cat in tree

A Greater Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) man has turned his regular job into a useful skill that saves cats and makes distressed cat owners very happy. Ross Wilkinson is an arborist and tree risk assessor. When he’s not treating trees he can be found climbing trees to rescue cats. In an interview with Victoria …

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Lost cat fed by volunteer, taken to shelter, then a cat café and finally seen by owner on Facebook

Hank, a handsome black-and-white cat went through several steps after getting himself lost before he was reunited with his owner, 20-year-old Andrew Humphreys. Hank had an unusual journey during the time he was lost which ended with the good fortune of Andrew seeing his cat in Facebook because Hank had become a cat café …

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Cat Survives 40 Degree Wash

Gracie next to the washing machine

Jackie Mullens’ Siamese-mix cat, Gracie, had jumped into the washing machine for a snug snooze unbeknown to Jackie who had just returned from the gym and thrown her clothes into it. She had also put some bedding in which may have attracted Gracie. She started the machine and eventually heard the muffled cries of …

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I am thinking of the feral cats of Chicago during the Polar Vortex

Polar Vortex and cats

I can’t help thinking about the feral and stray cats of Chicago during the brutally cold temperatures caused by the Polar Vortex. We hear of advice to humans to stay inside and that the temperatures are so low at -50 (including wind chill) or thereabout. Minus 20 seems to be the standard at this …

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Feline Vandalism (video)!

Feline vandalism

This is a bit of fun. The amount of temporary destruction and noise generated by these three young felines is astonishing but I aM sure that it is not exceptional. It is a nice vignette of exuberant kitten life at home. I remember my sibling kittens when living in London tearing up a nice …

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Inconclusive study does not find Toxoplasma gondii infection causes schizophrenia in people

Toxoplasma gondii

An inconclusive study does not find Toxoplasma gondii infection causes schizophrenia as is reported on many websites this morning. The online newspapers and even online science journals are misrepresenting the conclusions of another study which seeks to find a link between the parasitic protozoan toxoplasma gondii and psychiatric disorders in people. For instance, IFL …

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Community provides supplies for Missouri mother and her 5-year-old son to build 30 stray cat shelters

A mother and son in Missouri love animals so much they’re building shelters to help cats and other small animals stay warm. Once the community learned of the project they dropped off enough supplies to complete 30 shelters. Stephanie Lindquist-Johnson and her five-year-old son are using styrofoam coolers wrapped in trash bags and stuffed …

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Case of 82-year-old cat hoarder in NC has turned into a living hell for rescuers

The case of the 82-year-old (originally reported as 81) cat hoarder in NC has turned into a living hell for rescuers. What the readers here can do to help is to get in touch with anyone who can offer the feral cats on the property a barn home. Donations are also desperately needed to …

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