“My funeral would have been cheaper,” says a Florida woman who received a bill for $48,512 after being bitten by a stray cat

Stray cat

“My funeral would have been cheaper,” says a Miami, Florida woman treated after being bitten by a stray cat. Her hospital bill totaled $48,512! Jeannette Parker, 44, was only trying to help a stray hungry kitten while visiting the Everglades National Park last September. She was bitten when she tried to feed it some …

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Setting a benchmark for the amount of wet cat food a standard cat should eat daily

Can of wet cat food and confusing labelling concerning calorie content

How do you work out how much wet cat food your cat should eat daily when everything is so confusing? In an act of great wisdom, the experts tell us that the cat obesity epidemic is due to over-feeding your cat. But how do you work out how much to feed your cat? I’m …

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Origin of Cat Sucks Baby’s Breath

Cat Play Fights With Baby

The belief that a domestic cat could suck the breath out of a baby probably stemmed from a combination of factors: Cats were considered to be witches’ familiars, companions to witches, at the time when people believed in witchcraft. Some people still do. At the time that people believed that cats could suck the …

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Charge for one injection of rabies immune globulin was $46,422 after cat bites woman

Hospital invoice for rabies shot

This is the extraordinary story of a single injection of rabies immune globulin costing $46,422. In fact the total bill for this woman who was bitten by a feral cat in Miami-Dade County, Florida was $48,512. Her insurance paid $44,320.90 so her direct payment to the hospital for the treatment was $4191.10. Her funeral …

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Is the golden age of pet cats over?

Cat-phobics persecuting the cat in medieval times

In the 1950s, more new cat breeds were created than at any time before or since. In those far off days, criticism of the cat for destroying wildlife was relatively uncommon. Of course this was well before the internet. Internet social media has been a very powerful tool for a significant percentage of people …

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Louisiana shelter director suspended and chief animal control officer fired following investigation

animal shelter director

While this article goes into detail about the suspension and firing of an animal shelter director and a chief animal control officer in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, it’s a tragedy that’s occurring far too frequently in shelters across the U.S. Jefferson Parish animal shelter director Robin Beaulieu was suspended (for an undetermined amount of time) …

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Why does milk cause diarrhoea in cats?

Painting by Meta Plückebaum

It’s pretty well known across the cat world that cow’s milk causes diarrhoea in cats. Notwithstanding that there are thousands of photographs of domestic cats lapping up milk out of a saucer on the Internet. These are often old photographs from archives dating back many years. Cats do like milk because it contains a …

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