Sport hunting of African lions has weakened them by restricting their genetic diversity

Lion roar

A study lead by a conservation biologist at the Zoological Society of London, Simon Dures, has produced compelling but not conclusive evidence that sport hunting of African lions has made them physically less strong than they were 100 years ago because it has made lions’ genetic makeup less diverse. “We show that the genetic …

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Declawed cats cry in pain throughout the night (clinic employee)

Declawing a lioness in a Palestinian zoo

A veterinary clinic employee wrote to Mercury News in response to a previous letter which supported cat declawing. The person supporting declawing was responding to a proposed law for California banning declawing unless for therapeutic purposes (AB 1230, as introduced, Quirk. Veterinary medicine: declawing animals). The employee said that declawed cats cried in pain …

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Cat in the UK rescued after getting her head stuck inside a glass jar

cat rescued

This is the happy ending tale of a cat in the UK who was rescued after getting her head stuck inside a glass jar. Now she’s up for adoption. A member of the public spotted Lulu in Woodwards Close, Walsall and contacted the RSPCA. Inspector Beth Boyd answered the call and found Lulu not …

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PETA makes suspended Verizon worker ‘Hero to Animals Award’ recipient

Maurice German

Do you remember the Philadelphia Verizon employee, Maurice German, who used the company’s cherry picker to rescue a cat stuck atop a telephone pole for 15 hours? Elisa wrote about him. Well, his employer wasn’t happy with what he did because he did something outside of his contract of employment using company equipment. They …

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Handsome cat overlooked at rescue center for 125 days because he has FIV


Twizzle is a handsome white-and-black cat with an attractive face but he has FIV – the cat version of human AIDS which has blunted his chances of being adopted even though FIV cats lead normal lives of a similar length to other cats. There is an argument that cat lovers should avoid equating FIV …

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Baby Clouded Leopards (picture)

Picture of baby clouded leopards

They are Columbus Zoo’s precious 1-month-old clouded leopards kittens; their latest arrivals. Their coats are magnificent. The adult clouded leopard has one of the most outstanding coats of all the wild cat species. The fur is very easy to distinguish from other wild cat species because the markings are cloud-like, hence the name. FYI …

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