Cat Breeds

cuddly Ragdoll cat

THIS IS THE THIRD PAGE IN MY LIST OF CAT BREEDS. ON THIS PAGE I COVER RAGDOLL TO YORK CHOCOLATE (R-J).THE OTHER TWO PAGES ARE: A-H AND J-P Ragdoll Place of Origin: USA Date of origin: 1960s Ancestry: Moggies Weight: 10-20 lbs Temperament: Placid – ideal indoor cats Body type: Substantial Colors: Pointed inc. bicolor pointing. Grooming: …

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Johnny Bullington of Critter Zappers should also be charged with theft as well as animal abandonment

A stretch near the 200 block of New Harrison Bridge Road in the Simpsonville area is pictured on April 10, 2019. A number of abandoned cats were found in this area in March, according to Greenville County Animal Control.

You have probably read the story of Johnny Bullington who owns and runs Critter Zappers. He was asked by some residents of the Cottages at Harrison Bridge, Greenville, USA to remove feral cats form the neighbourhood. He removed domestic cats some with collars and raised from birth. The hurt is tremendous. He dumped them …

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Feline Evolution in Brief

Sabre-tooth tiger

‘The earliest cat-like carnivores, which were to evolve into the family Felidae appeared between 30 and 40 million years ago, in the Late Eocene and Early Oligocene. Two main branches developed: the Sabre-tooths and the True Cats.’ – Dr Desmond Morris in Cat World. Sabre-tooths These cats had huge curved canine teeth for killing …

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Northern Lynx Facts

Beautiful Eurasian lynx

Location People search for ‘Northern Lynx Facts’. Here they are! The page is accordingly deliberately short. The scientific name is Lynx lynx. This medium sized wildcat is also known as the Eurasian lynx and was originally called that but since the species is found across northern Asia, from Norway to Mongolia, it was decided …

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Sweet FIV positive cat in Pennsylvania needs a home after being dumped by his owner

FIV cat Joey

Update April 30, 2019 FOSTER FOUND! This handsome boy is Joey. He’s located in central Pennsylvania and has nowhere to go after being dumped by his owner. To make matters worse, Joey was recently diagnosed as being FIV positive. Cat advocates are sharing Joey, who’s described as a ‘talker’ with the hope someone will …

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