79-year-old woman ordered to jail for feeding stray cats will have her case reviewed by another judge

sentenced to jail

The 79-year-old Ohio woman ordered to report to jail on August 11 for feeding stray cats will have her case reviewed before that date by another magistrate, according to Fox8 News. Please click here to read the article posted July 30 on PoC. Nancy Sequela will appear before Garfield Heights Municipal Court Judge Jennifer …

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The top 10 cat poisons in the USA and lilies are in the number 1 spot

Cat poisons

Who would have thought that lilies are the top cat poison in the USA? This beautiful plant has been discussed a lot online and the information that they are deadly to cats has been widely disseminated. And yet they still harm and kill lots of cats. Unfortunately the Pet Poisons Helpline does not provide …

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Cat owner encourages her cat to jump from first floor window onto trampoline

“I dare you, go on Lilah”, said a cat owner while her black-and-white cat climbed out onto the window sill of a first floor room overlooking the backyard and a trampoline in the middle of it. She giggled after she said it and as her cat prepares to jump. Soon Lilah jumps and lands …

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Informal feral cat support in North America is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the authorities

Anna Szarek checks on the food in a make-shift shelter for cats in east Mississauga. - Bryon Johnson/Torstar

The huge network of volunteers in the USA and Canada who care for feral cats is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the authorities. It may be in the billions because it is hard to estimate as often the volunteers are ‘invisible’ to the authorities. I am referring to the mainly ladies and …

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Youths hunting domestic cats with catapults after midnight for years and law enforcement are nowhere

Dark and Dingy Hull

An animal lover living in Hull, UK has warned residents on the Greatfield Estate to keep their cat indoors at night because she claims that youths are killing them with catapults for the fun of it. Yes, it is time to refer to cat cruelty in the land of the animal lovers, England. Sorry, …

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