Just before Hurricane Dorian landlord evicts 75-year-old woman for having too many cats


Maria Cazanes (also said to be ‘Casanas’) has lived in her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida, for 28 years. She appears to be a frail 75-year-old woman. Her landlord says that she has too many cats. We don’t know how many cats she has as this information has not been reported at the time …

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Self-professed cat lover battered kitten to paralysis with the corpse of another kitten he had strangled

Cat lover Jordan Hagen

He calls himself a ‘Cat Daddy on Facebook’. I think that this is the worst act of cat cruelty I have read, certainly for many years. The story concerns a man, aged 27, Jordan Hagan, who has a Facebook page where he has published photographs of himself with cats that he appears to like …

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Woman loses custody of 30 cats rescued from hot van in Fargo, USA

In a civil court case brought by the city of Fargo, USA, Tamara Fisher has lost custody (ownership) under a court order of 30 cats that she kept in the back of her Crysler van in what can only be described as highly unsatisfactory conditions. It would be hard to disagree with the words …

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Family cat killed by children: “He was hung up like a piñata and beat.”

children kill cat

This is an extremely distressing case of animal cruelty coming out of Darby, Pennsylvania. I urge readers to use caution as to whether or not to continue reading. The only reason I chose to write on it (after much debate going on in my head) is because CHILDREN are allegedly the ones who killed …

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Wings of Rescue: First evacuation flight of shelter pets endangered by Hurricane Dorian set for Saturday

cat in cage

Wings of Rescue is a 501(c)3 charity founded in 2012, that is well-known for flying endangered pets from high intake and/or high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters from where they’re adopted into loving homes. On Saturday, the organization will be flying out the first evacuation of pets in the path of Hurricane Dorian. A Facebook …

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Mini hand is a standard tool for petting cats in this animal hospital

Mini hand, a puppet, used to pet a shy cat

As a standard procedure, Laurel Pet Hospital in West Hollywood have a mini hand which is affixed to a person’s finger for petting nervous cats. Available on Amazon, the mini hand is normally used to entertain people. In the video you see Goldie, an orphan cat. She is shy. She prefers to stay in …

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