Escaped high filial Savannah cat terrifies London’s leafy Hampstead

F1 Savannah cat Magic. Photo: Kathrin Stucki

This is a report, full of hyperbole and wild statements, about what appears to be a high filial Savannah cat wandering around Hampstead in North London, UK. Hampstead is a rich part of London which implies that someone bought an F1 or F2 Savannah cat. These are high ‘filial’ wildcat hybrids meaning that they …

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Fighting cats fall off roof and dog attacks one of them on ground

Cats fight on roof

This the typical outcome of territorial outside cats. They like high plays so they like to be on roofs but when a cat intruder arrives they might fight on the roof which leads to an inability to observe that they are about to fall off it as they are so obsessed with fighting each …

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Transformational care reveals beauty beneath bedraggled stray cat

Lottie as found as a stray and after TLC from RSPCA. Pictures: RSPCA Derbyshire.

This story of before and after cat rescue comes from Burton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, UK. The skinny, urine-stained, bedraggled stray cats looks different now. Lottie, a stray cat, was brought to the RSPCA center at Hillfield Lane, Stretton in a bad way. Her fur was falling out, she was underweight, urine stained and bedraggled. Underneath that …

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‘Cat rescue’ calls police and demands rescuer on-scene to ‘fill the hole and leave’ with cat still trapped inside

kitten rescue

Note from Elisa: This is a longish read but it’s necessary for this Reader’s Forum story about a cat stuck in a pipe. These are the words of Scott Steglinski, who was on-scene in West Springfield, Massachusetts and made sure to have documentation by police on what took place. A cat rescue organisation contacted …

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