Skyler & Alli give a lesson in TNR: They’re part of the next generation of feral cat caregiving

young trappers

These two adorable young people are Skyler, age 10 and Alli, age 7. They live in Colorado and their work in trap-neuter-return (TNR) is ushering in the next generation of feral cat caregiving. I ran across their video and just had to share it with all of you. Mainly because the sight of a …

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How can I stop my cat hunting wildlife?

I think you can break the question down into two separate questions. In my experience, cat owners and people in general are far more concerned about domestic cats preying on birds than they are on mammals such as mice and voles or reptiles and insects. If the question is how can you stop my …

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Modern domestic cat is a poor rat catcher because their role is to be a companion

Pampered pet cats of today are not great rat catchers

Compared to 2,000 years ago the modern domestic cat is smaller, pampered and flabby and not, in general (there will be exceptions), an effective rat catcher. As prey mice are safer and smaller. Modern domestic cats are 15% smaller than domestic cats of Ancient Egypt. The cats of 2,000 years ago were not only …

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Thanks to social media networking, cat stolen during carjacking reunited with family

Thanks to the power of social media networking, a Mount Vernon cat named Baxter was stolen during a carjacking on Saturday has been found and reunited with his family, CBS Baltimore reported. Click here to read the story of how two men stole the car and the family cat belonging to Faith Peck. Rea, …

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Rapid development of sneezing and asthma in person allergic to cats is due to the tiny size of the cat allergen

Allergy to cats

When a person who is allergic to cats is even in the same home as a domestic cat they might rapidly show symptoms of their allergy by itching, sneezing and coughing etc.. The reason for the rapid onset of these symptoms of asthma and rhinitis is the minuscule size of the allergen that comes …

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