How do I know if my cat has tapeworms?

Cat tapeworm segments and whole worms

Normally, cat guardians have suspicions (or know for certain depending on their level of knowledge) that their cat has tapeworms when they see tapeworm body segments containing eggs in their (1) cat’s faeces or (2) vomit or (3) on the fur surrounding their cat’s anus. The tapeworm body segments are called proglottids. When they …

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Why do kittens suddenly die?

Newborn kitten in a person's hand

Kittens suddenly die for a multitude of reasons. As someone said, they are fragile creatures. Some kittens are “predetermined to fail the test of survival because of low birthweight and influences that affect growth and development in the uterus”. In short, some kittens simply are unviable in terms of survival which may account for …

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A dozen reasons why people hate cats

Why do I hate cats?

There are many reasons why some people hate cats. All the reasons can be turned around by education, understanding and tolerance. In other words the reasons are often false and cat hating is often based upon misconceptions and a lack of education about cat behaviour. However, some reasons are intractable. Misconceptions Many people have …

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University of Alabama engineering student is self-confessed serial cat killer

Kip Tyner FB post

Twenty-five year old Yuxin Zhuang is an engineering student at the University of Alabama. On Facebook there are calls for him to be expelled from the university after he was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a Class C felony after he allegedly confessed to shooting cats with a 0.22 caliber air rifle. He …

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Why does the Manx cat have no tail?

Manx cat

Although there are ten imaginative hypotheses as to why Manx cats have no tails, there is one genuine and less colourful reason which is that the Manx gene cropped up spontaneously as a naturally occurring mutation on the Isle of Man centuries ago. This gene became established because of prolonged inbreeding amongst the tailless …

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