Katie Price should buy cuddly toys rather than adopt companion animals as too many have died in her care


NEWS AND VIEWS, UK: Katie Price, a British celebrity, is careless when it comes to her welfare and an appparent failure in respect of the welfare of her companion animals. It’s worse than that. She is a walking disaster. Correction, she can no longer walk because it is reported yesterday in all the online …

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Do cheetahs hunt at night?

Cheetah in semi-open landscape

Cheetahs hunt mainly during the daytime but it depends on where they are. In the Sahara where it gets very hot they do most of their hunting at night and in the hours after daybreak. One website (BBC) states that their night vision is hardly any better than ours which is unusual for a …

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You can selectively breed hypoallergenic cats

Genuine Siberian cat in Siberia. Photo by Alla Lebedeva

I have just written about a study in which the scientists found that individual cats are hypoallergenic (the link opens in a new tab). They refer to cat breeds but I don’t have access to the study details. I don’t believe that specific cat breeds other than the Siberian are hypoallergenic but breeders would …

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Feral cat couldn’t be tested for rabies because the victim shot the cat in the head

Hand showing puncture wounds from cat bite

Grand Island, Nebraska, USA: a man, Dennis Stoltenberg, was attacked by a feral cat on his property last week. The circumstances of the attack have not been reported. We do know, however, that the cat clamped onto his hand with his jaws and wouldn’t let go causing 50 puncture wounds, some of which punctured …

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Some individual cats are hypoallergenic for Fel d1

Mila - Siberian cat - photo copyright Helmi Flick

I’ve been reading the outline of a scientific study on whether hypoallergenic cats exist. I don’t have access to the full study but the scientists determined the level of production in normal and hypoallergenic cat breeds. They came to the conclusion that “hypoallergenic cats secrete and distribute less Fel d1 as compared to normal …

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Sixty-five percent of cats and kittens are securely bonded to their people

Secure or inscure cat?

Domestic cats are not born to love people and their default position with respect to other cats is to be suspicious of them. This is the nature of a solitary animal. I wonder, though, if this is entirely true after approximately 10,000 years of cat domestication. Perhaps the ability for domestic cats to love …

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