Can hyperthyroidism cause kidney disease in cats?

Thin hyperthyroid cat

No hyperthyroidism per se can’t cause kidney disease in cats but it seems that some treatments for hyperthyroidism can reduce kidney function. Dr Bruce Fogle in his book Complete Cat Care writes, “Chronic kidney failure does not occur as a direct effect of hyperthyroidism, but the two diseases often occur together simply because they …

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Black market drug for cats found to destroy Covid-19 virus in lab experiments


A drug labelled GC376 was found, we are told by the authors of a Daily Mail online article, to destroy the Covid-19 virus in lab experiments. There are calls for the drug to be trialled as a standard treatment for coronavirus. As I understand it, GC376 is not yet authorised in America by the …

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Brushing a cat with a toothbrush reminds them of mother’s tongue

Cat being groomed with a toothbrush

Another trend has started up on the Chinese social media website TikTok. You know the website that President Trump wants to shut down or be taken over by an American company as he can’t trust them. TickTok is in the same bracket as Huawei. But it is an enormously popular site with the young …

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Sweet Scottish Fold is increasingly popular but caveat emptor

Olivia Benson, the feline partner (with others) of Taylor Swift

Recently, the Scottish Fold has become more popular because of an increased interest in this sweet looking cat, particularly from pop stars and high profile indivduals. You might say that they have become cats designed for celebrities. Their baby-like faces are attractive and striking. Taylor Swift is enamoured of them. She is a very …

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