European wildcat in western Switzerland threatened by mating with domestic cats

European wildcat

We know that the Scottish wildcat is either extinct in the wild in Scotland or very nearly so because of long-term hybridisation with domestic and feral cats. These two species i.e. the wildcat and the domestic cat readily mate. It is the wildcat’s undoing in Europe and in Africa. And today, we are told …

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The three Rs of pet insurance: “how can we refuse, recoup or reduce this claim”

A guy who worked in the pet insurance business as a loss adjuster knew the drill of the pet insurance businesses he says. The first thing that an insurance company does when it gets a claim is to use the three Rs: “How can we refuse, recoup or reduce this claim”. You can’t blame …

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Is it true that cats hate water?

Hurricane Harvey rescued cats

Domestic cats don’t universally hate water and some wild cats like water. It depends on whether they are wild or domestic, the individual cat, whether they are a wild cat hybrid or not, and possibly what breed of cat we are discussing. The idea that domestic cats hate water has been promulgated in a …

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The beneficial role of companion animals during coronavirus lockdown

When You Believe Your Cat Has Emotions You Are More Attached to Her

You would expect that the presence of companion animals in a household during the coronavirus lockdown would be beneficial to their human guardians and a survey confirms this. The study is called: Human-animal relationships and interactions during the Covid-19 lockdown phase in the UK: Investigating links with mental health and loneliness and it is …

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