Will fireworks be particularly bad for cats this year because of Covid-19?

Drive-thru fireworks display in Germany

The coronavirus pandemic is going through what the experts describe as a “second wave”. What they mean is that it was suppressed for a while during lockdown but it never went away as expected. This second episode is worse than the first probably because people have been ignoring government guidelines and instructions. The rapidly …

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Why do cats scratch themselves?

Itchy cat scatching herself

Domestic cat scratch themselves for the same reason that we scratch ourselves: to relieve an itch. Before I explain some reasons for itchiness in domestic cats there are two aspects which are noteworthy, (1) cats sometime scratch themselves far too much because they don’t rationalise the fact that they are hurting themselves with their …

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Egypt: young street cat wants to make friends with a nurse on his tea break

Egypt - young Egyptian street cat goes up to nurse on break and makes instant friends

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): A trainee male nurse working at an Egyptian hospital was taking a much needed break outside the hospital after a 12-hour continuous shift which he had been subjected to for the last 20 days. The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on medics. The guy’s name is Ahmed Flaty. …

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Adding a cat: the right combination in terms of gender and family ties

A lot has been written about introducing a new cat to a resident cat’s home. There are often difficulties because the resident cat’s home is their ‘home range’ (to use wild cat language) and it is being invaded by a hostile outsider. This may lead to aggresssion. All the advice is about slowly introducing …

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Bishop criticises Dean of Southwark for holding a memorial service for the cathedral’s cat

NEWS AND VIEWS: Doorkins Magnificat was Southwark Cathedral’s cat and she passed away on September 30 of liver failure. She started living at the cathedral in 2013. She had been living around nearby Borough Market feeding off food provided by the traders. When she entered the cathedral, she was welcomed by the head verger …

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Japanese shopowner replaces ceiling tiles with transparent ones for their cats

This is a cool solution for a cat guardian and shopowner who wants to allow their cats to enjoy some vertical space when in their shop/store! I don’t know whether this shopowner is a man or woman but what they did was pretty clever and it has caught the imagination of a lot of …

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