Can cats show affection by biting?

Feline love bite kitten style

I’m discussing domestic cats because the question must be asking about domestic cats. It is an interesting question and it seems to be hinting at the possibility that domestic cats can sometimes deliver a “love bite” as happens in human relationships! There is nothing to suggest in all the research that I have read …

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Is this clear plastic DIY cat litter box better than commercially manufactured ones?

Making you own cat litter box from clear plastic tote storage box

This is a video by a really competent American woman on how to make your own cat litter box out of a clear plastic tote storage container. I’m very impressed with her DIY skills. She claims that her box is better than commercially manufactured ones. Please note that sometimes videos stop working overtime for …

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I can feel my cat’s kittens in her belly

Pregnant cat

The title comes from a Google search, which prompts Google to throw up suggested search terms. This is one of them. It implies that a cat owner can feel their cat’s kittens in her belly. The slightly worrying aspect of this is that veterinarians advise that, “Palpitating the queen’s abdomen requires experience and gentleness, …

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Picture of grey tabby British Shorthair on a leash in the snow

Tabby British Shorthair on leash in snow

This is a picture which caught my eye because it is quite rare to see a domestic cat on a leash in any case, but when that cat is a purebred British Shorthair and there is snow on the ground, it makes for a fairly unique picture. The only practical way that a person …

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Is catnip okay for kittens?

The active agent in catnip

Yes, catnip is okay for kittens but Dr Desmond Morris writes in his book Cat World that, “Young kittens do not show the response. For the first two months of life all kittens avoid catnip, and the positive response does not appear until they are three months old”. Has your kitten responded contrary to …

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