Cat waves around a cat tease for human use in order to play

Cat uses cat tease for human use to entertain himself

This is a classic case, yet again, of a domestic cat learning how to do things by watching their human caretaker. You know that the classic cat tease is a feather on a stick which a person waves in front of their cat which stimulates the cat to attack the feather as if it …

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More than one in four cat owners admit overfeeding their cat since March

Obese tabby cat

Since March of last year more than one in four cat owners in the UK admit overfeeding their cats. One in five cats have put on weight during the pandemic as owners have spoiled them with treats because they’ve been stuck at home. Yes, I am referring to the several lockdowns in the UK …

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Shooting rice balls at feral cats

Jason Lewis actor

NEWS AND COMMENT: A row has erupted between the Sex and the City actor, Jason Lewis, and his neighbour Opel Barnes. Can someone tell me where they live? It doesn’t really matter. They live pretty well next to each other and it is reported that a previous resident of the neighbourhood sadly died last …

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WARNING DISTURBING VIDEO: Russian woman high on drugs and drink catastrophically abuses her cat

Svetlana Daraselia a Russian abusing her cat catastropically

WARNING: DON’T WATCH THIS BLOODY GHASTLY HORROR VIDEO FROM RUSSIA: I’m doing this story again today, in January 2021, because it needs highlighting as the video is still online and it should be removed and it makes me bloody sick to the stomach. If it has been removed then the published version of it …

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Muddled thinking by conservation group in New Zealand which wants to kill cats

Mount Taranaki

COMMENT ON THE NEWS: Taranaki is a region in the west of New Zealand’s North Island. I’ve never visited but it looks beautiful and it is named after Mount Taranaki, an extinct volcano. The Taranaki Regional Council have a management plan to conserve native wild species. They want to manage the pests and vermin …

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