Teenager allegedly tried to poison housemates who allegedly abused her kittens

Te Raukura Anahera Alexander at the magistrates court.

AUSTRALIA: Te Raukura Anahera Alexander, 19, lived in a Brisbane property with housemates. She owns or owned two kittens. She became enraged when allegedly housemates mishandled her kittens. There was a simmering dispute which erupted when her kittens wandered into a housemate’s room. It is reported that the kittens or a kitten scratched the …

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Geoffroy’s Cat

The name Geoffroy’s Cat is unusual as it is named after French naturalist, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, “who identified Geoffroy’s Cat as a different species” (src: Wikipedia) whilst a professor of zoology when in Paris, France. The middle name is a Germanic version of the more familiar Geoffrey. This, I am sure causes problems when …

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Cats are aloof, self-centred and treacherous. Discuss.

Aloof self-centered cat?

The basic conclusion, fair or otherwise, of a recent study is that unlike dogs cats will not side with their owners against the “enemy”. Dogs shun people who behave negatively towards their owner whereas cats don’t. Perhaps the more scientific conclusion, to use the language of the study, is that domestic cats don’t ‘evualate’ …

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2 reasons why cats are selectively bred

Selective breeding clipart

The two reasons why domestic cats are selectively bred, primarily by cat breeders, is to create cats with a certain appearance and secondarily cats with a certain character. Selective breeding is the opposite to natural selection. Natural selection refers to the evolution of the species as espoused by Charles Darwin in his book On …

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In New York State feral cats have the same status as domestic cats

It is important in terms of how the citizens of New York State relate to feral cats to realise (if they don’t already) that feral cats are considered as companion animals under section 350 of the New York State Agriculture and Market Law. The law protects animals and the word ‘animal’ in this statute …

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