Do leopards fight lions?

Leopard escapes lion in tree

The truth of the matter is that leopards “become extremely cautious around larger predators such as lions and tigers, and prefer to retreat to cover or the safe haven of a tree rather than face a direct encounter”. That, I believe, satisfactorily answers the question in the title. They don’t want to fight lions …

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All domestic cats suffer from Asperger’s syndrome? Discuss.

Asperger's child

The idea that all domestic cats suffer from Asperger’s syndrome is based on their character. The domestic cat character is like that of a child diagnosed with Asperger’s which is an umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. So, what is this character? Answer: difficulties with social interaction and nonverbal communication together with restricted and …

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Kim Jong-un declares war on cats fearing they bring Covid-19 to North Korea

Kim Jong-un

SUMMARY: Kim Jong-un has ordered the destruction of domestic and feral cats in North Korea together with pigeons because he believes that they spread the coronavirus while bringing it in across the border from China. It is a completely unwarranted and a cruel act of madness by a crazy dictator. NEWS AND COMMENT: Kim …

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Large rat helps itself to food in Rome delicatessen. They need a bodega cat!

Rat munches on deli produce at Rome supermarket without interference

A large rat which crept into a Rome supermarket and helped itself at the deli counter in front of customers has become a sensation and racked up more than half a million views on the Instagram page where it has been published under the account name WELCOMETOFAVELAS_. Customers asked how it was possible and …

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