Why do indoor cats spray?

Indoor cat spraying - clean up

The question is asking why indoor cats spray urine, which is done, as you probably know, to establish territory. Because this is the purpose of spraying urine (normally onto vertical surfaces) it occurs when cats feel that their territory is threatened by an ‘invading’ cat. How might this happen to an indoor cat? Some …

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Self-assured Felicia Wilson on TikTok owns a bobcat kitten and she is wrong

Felicia Wilson and her bobcat kitten - a part of her menagerie of animals

I don’t know who Felicia Wilson is. I think she is a social media celebrity rather than having a background skill such as singing or as an actress. That’s my impression but if I’m incorrect then please tell me. She has 1.9 million followers on TikTok. She appears to have a menagerie of animals. …

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Steve Bouquet the ‘Brighton Cat Killer’ sentenced to 5 years imprisonment

Steve Bouquet the devil incarnate

NEWS AND COMMENT: You might have heard of Steve Bouquet, 54, from Brighton who was dubbed the “Brighton Cat Killer” because he terrorised Brighton, UK and the environs by stabbing 16 cats between October 2018 in June 2019. Nine of the cats, Hendrix, Tommy, Hannah, Alan, Nancy, Gizmo, Kyo, Ollie and Cosmo, were killed …

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UK animal sentience bill frightens the countryside pursuits brigade

Animal Welfare (Sentience) Bill

NEWS AND COMMENT: In Britain, there is a vociferous group of people who like to participate in countryside pursuits which includes hunting foxes and shooting birds. They defend their right to kill animals for pleasure at every opportunity (fox hunting is banned in the UK but it still happens). And an opportunity has arisen …

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Domestic cats don’t appreciate beauty. Discuss.

Gary the cat does no appreciate the beauty of the landscape behind him

I have said that domestic cats don’t appreciate beauty. The discussion is philosophical. Philosophical discussions don’t result in hard conclusions. I can’t provide a guaranteed answer as to whether domestic cats appreciate beauty or not. I also can’t provide a definitive answer as to why humans appreciate beauty. That, too, is a philosophical question. …

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