US military contract dogs left behind in Afghanistan locked in carriers inside buildings!

American contractor working dogs abandoned in carriers in Afghanistan on the mass evacuation of people

NEWS AND COMMENT-AFGHANISTAN: This is shocking news. It is mad news, actually. American Humane, a non-profit group based in Washington DC has told the news media that the US military contract dogs employed in Afghanistan who did life-saving and dangerous work have been left behind to be potentially killed by the Taliban. In another …

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South Korea recognises animal sentience

Kim Gea-yeung, manager of an animal shelter for abandoned dogs and cats, holds Jin-hui, a five-year-old Pomeranian dog, who was rescued from under the ground, in Anseong, South Korea,

NEWS AND COMMENT-SOUTH KOREA: My interpretation of the New York Post’s headline “South Korea to Grant Legal Status to Animals to Tackle Abuse, Abandonment” is that the South Korean government has decided to recognise animals as sentient beings rather than as objects. The intention is to help protect them from abuses. South Korea has …

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Taliban shoot two dogs belonging to Dave, a friend of Pen Farthing

Pen Farthing and his wife Kaisa Markhus back in safety

NEWS AND COMMENT: Former British Marine Pen Farthing has recounted his experiences now that he’s back in the UK with the animals he so successfully evacuated from Kabul, Afghanistan. Previously he had said that the Taliban would ban dogs but accept cats. I wrote about that statement. Of course, he has first-hand experience of …

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No photographs of cats from Mr Farthing’s 173 animals evacuated from Kabul

Dog from Kabul imported by Mr Farthing with many other cats and dogs

We have been repeatedly told that Mr Farthing, the founder and director of Nowzad, successfully evacuated 173 animals from Kabul yesterday. Some news website report 200 animals were evacuated. It is reported that they landed at Heathrow on Sunday. It is also reported in all news media outlets that the 173 companion animals are …

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Mother punches mountain lion who had her son in its jaws

Mountain lion in Santa Barbara County

NEAR CALABASAS, WEST OF LOS ANGELES-NEWS AND COMMENT: A mother punched a mountain lion to force it to release her five-year-old son from its jaws. It worked. The mountain lion pounced as the boy was playing on the lawn outside his home. The mother was alerted to the attack by a commotion and screaming. …

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