Stable isotopes in cats’ whiskers tell us that domestic cats who hunt tend to leave prey uneaten

Cat with mouse at door locked out as forbidden to bring prey animals in

Stable isotopes in hair can reveal dietary protein sources. Scientists from the University of Exeter, UK, trimmed a whisker from each domestic cat participating in their study; once at the start and once at the end of the study. These domestic cats were allowed outside to hunt. They measured the stable isotope ratios in …

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CHINA: affectionate boy holds up box to rescue stray cat trapped on a wall in China

China - kind boy rescues cat from high wall

CHINA: ‘This video clip warmed the hearts of many online’: affectionate boy rescues stray cat. Neat and nice. Love to see this sort of thing. It’s what our relationship with animals should be about – always. Kindness and sensitivity towards animals who often live in a difficult or downright hostile world created by humans. …

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Adopt a ginger harlequin cat if you don’t like domestic cat hunting

Red harlequin cat

This is a fleeting idea but it is based on what I hope is logically deduction. We know that brightly coloured collars worn by domestic cats allowed outside help to protect birds. The birds pick up on the movement of the brightly coloured collar as the cat stalks them. This gives them time to …

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CHINA: Harbin authorities euthanized three domestic cats who contracted Covid

Miss Liu's Exotic Shorthair one of three cats owned by her that were euthanised

HARBIN, CHINA – NEWS AND COMMENT: This story is all over the Internet and I have written about it before. It is the first time that I have read a report online or in the printed news media of domestic cats being deliberately killed because they’d contracted Covid. It also seems likely that these …

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Sales surge for veterinary pharmaceutical business Animalcare thanks in part to the pandemic

Animalcare is doing well

This is another Covid silver lining. There have been several. Sales at Animalcare, a veterinary pharmaceutical business with aspirations to become the leader in Europe, have surged during the pandemic because of the rapid increase in the number of people adopting companion animals for the first time. You may remember that there was a …

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What is an ‘Accicat’


The name ‘Accicat’ is the earlier and discarded name for the Ocicat; the name that stuck. Both names were built on how the breed happened. Accicat is an amalgam of “accident” and “cat”. While Ocicat is an amalgam of “ocelot” and “cat”. Ocicat is the better name. Both prefixes are derived from the history …

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