6 reasons for the 90% drop in pound killings of US dogs and cats since the 1970s

Nathan Winograd and rescue cat

Despite the fact that the number of domestic cats and dogs in America has doubled since the 1970s, the number of these animals that have been killed (‘euthanized’) at shelters since then has decreased from 16 million to as low as 1.5 million annually. Nathan Winograd, the world’s expert on no-kill animal shelters and …

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Do feral cats meow?

Feral cat greeting

In general, feral cats do not meow. This is because it is usually a learned vocalisation between domestic cat and human caregiver which is employed to ask for something. We hear it a lot. In short, it a product of cat domestication. However, I would expect that the meow must have entered the feral …

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If a mother cat is not around to train her kittens, how does it impact their personalities?

Carol's kitten as rescued and then 12 years later

The question is asked by Carol Chapell on the Internet. She actually answers the question herself. In this instance, a kitten’s mother was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. The 10-day-old kitten came up to Carol screaming at the top of her voice. It was a demand to be adopted. I love that …

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Does acupuncture work for cats?

Acupuncture for cats

My research indicates that acupuncture for cats works provided the cat accepts it and provided it is used to help resolve an appropriate health condition such as nerve damage and the treatment is carried out by a veterinarian or associated professional. Dr Bruce Fogle Dr. Bruce Fogle provides us with a veterinary opinion on …

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Tybert the Cat castrates the village priest in a 15th-century woodcut

Tybert the Cat castrates a village priest in a 15th-century woodcut illustrating The History of Reynard the Fox

The illustration comes from The History of Reynard the Fox. In this 15th century woodcut, we see Tybert the Cat castrating a village priest. Incidentally, “Tybert” is spelled in two other ways, namely ‘Tibert’ and ‘Tybalt’. Unusually, there is absolutely nothing on the Internet which would explain why Tybert the Cat castrated a village …

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European settlers: the world’s greatest invasive species (not feral cats)?


The feral cat is regarded by a section of humankind as a particularly destructive invasive species on the continents of North America and Australia. These are the two places where the war on feral cats predominantly takes place. No animal is more vilified than the feral cat on these continents. Australia’s administrators are completely …

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