Act of human folly by a cleaner cost the life of this rare Malayan tiger

Eko a Malayan tiger shot dead at Naples Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT-NAPLES ZOO, FLORIDA USA: A rare Malayan tiger whose name was Eko, was shot dead by a police deputy because he had grabbed the arm of a cleaner which had been stuffed into his enclosure to pet or feed the tiger. The cleaner was an employee of a third-party contracting company. They …

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Onza – a gracile puma

Onza - an underfed and/or slender female puma?

This article contains comment. It has to because there is a certain degree of mystery and confusion surrounding the onza. There is speculation and uncertainty which lends itself to personal comment. However, the title indicates that I’ve decided that the onza is a gracile puma to use the words of Sarah Hartwell. The word …

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Bombay Cat PASSION – a beauty, plus info. on the breed

Film inspires people to adopt black cats

This is a Helmi Flick photograph of the prize-winning Bombay cat PASSION; full name: Toriland Passion of Chaparral (human companions: Jeff & Heather Roberts). The photograph is strictly ©copyright Helmi Flick. Please respect Helmi’s copyright – thank you. Below is another well-known Bombay cat being photograph by Helmi Flick. It shows the table set …

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Cats in France – relationships, abandonment, language and seriousness

French girl with 'chat' in the 1950s

Introduction This is a page which tries to informatively discuss the relationship between the French living in France and the domestic and stray cat. Other than being more predisposed to abandoning cats than in other European countries, I think there is little difference in France in respect of this relationship compared to other northern …

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Cat’s urine makes male mice more macho which is attractive to females

Tome and Jerry

There are two parts of this page. In the first part I described the results of this study back in 2008. In the second part I have revisited the study and described it again because I wasn’t happy with the first effort. I’m still not entirely happy but there it is. Cat’s urine smell …

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Cats responsible for 107 house fires in Seoul, South Korea in past 3 years. Discuss.

Cats can't turn on dial buttons

The Korea Herald has published a very short article with a very surprising headline: Cats responsible for 107 house fires in Seoul in past 3 yrs. The mind boggles. How could this have happened? That is the pressing question. And this is the answer that they have provided. According to the Seoul Metropolitan Fire …

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Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner ‘declawing’

Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner 'declawing'.

Please do not be bored by the topic of cat declawing. I sense that people just brush the topic under the carpet. I have hammered away at it for a very long time, I admit. And I don’t want to do it. But I have to. It is the only way to achieve the …

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Black leopard picture – where, what and how

Black leopard

People search for a ‘black leopard picture’. Here are some good ones. Leopards can often have the appearance of being jet black but they are not. Sometimes a black leopard is very dark with a black or dark grey pattern but not completely black. They have ghost markings or the spots can be quite …

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