EU’s bureaucratic pet transportation rules causing cats and dogs to be abandoned at border by Ukrainian refugees?

Moroccan medical student in Ukraine flees with his two cats without a carrier

NEWS AND COMMENT: Mercifully, it appears that the EU countries bordering the Ukraine have loosened their pet transportation/immigration requirements to prevent the abandonment of cats and dogs and other animals at the border. But the information is not entirely clear while the new arrangements are put in place. As up to 400,000 refugees are …

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Do cats protect eggs (because they know they’re fragile)?

Do cats protect eggs?

Do domestic cats protect hens’ eggs because they know that they are fragile? The videos on TikTok might give this impression when you push the egg partly underneath them as we see in the video on this page. The videos can be interpreted in different ways depending on your beliefs. They are ambivalent. In …

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