What kind of cat is Richard Kitty (on Instagram)?

Richard Kitty

Richard Kitty is one of the most popular Instagram cats. What is really nice about Richard is that he is a former shelter cat. He was rescued from a Los Angeles, California, USA, public shelter in 2012 when he was two-years-of-age, which makes him around 12-years-of-age as at the date of this post. His …

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Cat foods that help gain weight? This begs questions.

Skinny cat

Sometimes people search the Internet for cat foods which might help their cat gain weight. This is entirely understandable but it is fraught with dangers because in conducting this research it’s clear that their cats are underweight. If a domestic cat is underweight, there are numerous reasons. Being underweight is a very common sign …

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10 facts about using hands as play toys for your cat

Man invites his Bengal cat to use his hand as a play toy

Here are 10 pretty obvious facts about using your hands as a play toy for your cat. It is a definite no-no. The man in the video is being silly because he wants to create an interesting video. It’s a kind of masochism to titillate viewers and frankly it is very stupid because you …

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24 facts about Instagram influencer Nala Cat (@nala_cat)

Varisiri Methachittiphan and Nala

Here are 24 facts about Instagram influencer Nala Cat™. The facts have been gleaned from various websites and brought together on one page. I hope that you find them useful. For me, the underlying story is that a standard, slightly obese, moggy from a shelter can become a highly successful social media star. A …

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What a dog or cat looks like is not really going to tell you what they act like

Picture of the perfect Ragdoll cat

It doesn’t matter whether we are discussing cats or dogs. What they look like does not tell you a lot about how they going to behave. And the way they look is dependent on their breed when it comes to dogs and cats although there are far fewer purebred cats than there are purebred …

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10 mistakes that cat owners make

Respect your cat

This is not a lecture because like anybody else I’ve made all the mistakes in the world regarding cat caregiving. But I made them many years ago and through consistent application have eradicated them (correction: not quite 😎). As long as we strive to improve, people can’t be criticised because we all make mistakes; …

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