What was the first domesticated cat?

Comparing African wildcat and domestic tabby cat appearance

The question is asking for information about the world’s very first domestic cat. We don’t have that information. We have a rough idea when the North African wildcat was first domesticated but that is about it. The domestic cat’s skeleton is very, very similar to their wildcat ancestor. This makes it difficult to identify …

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UK “cost-of-living crisis” may undermine cat and dog ownership

Cat ownership

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: There is a lot of media attention in the UK on the so-called “cost-of-living crisis”. I believe that the word “crisis” is the wrong one because I don’t think that it is a crisis. There are price rises but the impact of those rises can be counteracted through sensible living. And …

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How to check a cat’s mouth for oral health

Vet opening a cat's mouth

How do you check your cat’s teeth, gums and mouth generally? It’s important to do it but very difficult to carry out. Even using the standard veterinary technique, which I refer to below, many cats are reluctant to have their mouths examined. They might need to be restrained or sedated by a veterinarian. I …

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Man makes his cat obese and then makes fun of him in highly successful TikTok videos

Obese cat is disrespected, abused and exploited

This man (Ryan?) is immoral. I know that I am being outspoken but it is transparently obvious that I’m correct. He has overfed his black-and-white cat consistently for a long time or adopted an obese cat and failed to put his cat on a diet. It is almost certainly the former. He then describes …

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British study says that pet cats kill 270 million animals a year

Domestic cat predation study in the UK

This sort of pet cat study about predation on wildlife in the UK is another example of pressure being placed on domestic cat owners to keep their pets inside 24/7. There is a shift towards this sort of cat ownership. As studies constantly highlight the high numbers of wild animals killed by domestic cats, …

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