Trafficked cheetah cubs flaunted on Instagram

Sad picture of cheetah cub saved from being trafficked to the Middle East to be a pet to the rich

NEWS AND COMMENT-SOMALILAND: Calum Cairns, a former veterinarian working in rural North Yorkshire, UK, is today a cheetah rescuer operating out of a facility on the edge of Hargeisa, in the capital of Somaliland in East Africa. The cheetahs that he rescues are often in a bad way being malnourished and dehydrated. The Cheetah …

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Let’s Adopt! Global, an animal rescue organization, courting controversy (2022)

Viktor Larkhill

Let’s Adopt! Global (LAG) is an animal rescue organization founded in Turkey in 2008 by Viktor Larkhill and Fulya Ulusoy. Since 2011 it has had headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. It is a non-profit animal rescue. Yet for some reason which I am yet to fathom it courts massive controversy. One possible reason, it is said, is …

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The Backyard Tiger – Big Cat Public Safety Act will end big cat abuse

Backyard tiger - hell

The backyard tiger is an abomination. It is disrespectful of the world’s most impressive and well-known animal. People who keep tigers in their backyard are being self-indulgent idiots. Sorry if that is rude. I have to be rude because I am frustrated and fed up with reading about the misery that stupid people bring …

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Pseudo-melanistic Bengal tiger inspects scent marking on a tree

Pseudo-melanistic Bengal tiger inspects a tree for scent

The Indian ranger, Susanta Nanda, in his tweet describes this tiger, captured in a camera trap video, as melanistic. I think, in fact, that the tiger is better described as being pseudo-melanistic. This is because the stripes are still visible against the background but the stripes are much thicker and therefore much closer together …

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