American Veterinary Medical Association’s policy on declawing REMAINS a FAILURE (2022)

Shame on the AVMA

There is a very straightforward reason why the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) policy on declawing is a complete and utter failure. It is also immoral and stupid. It is a failure in protecting the welfare and health of domestic cats. The AVMA’s revised declawing policy is published on their website (see base of …

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Birth weights of 15 cat breeds compared and other useful information

Newborn kittens

It might interest some people to compare the birth weights of some cat breeds. These are the mean birth weights and they come from a study recently published from France. It is published on the Science Direct website. The scientists submitted a questionnaire to French purebred cat breeders from 2016 to 2020. The full …

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Why are Siamese kittens born white?

All-white Siamese kitten

The colourpoint (pointed) pattern of the Siamese cat is a form of albinism. It is called the ‘Siamese pattern’ but I think technically it is better described as the “Himalayan pattern” or “Himalayan albinism”. We see this in a number of different species of animals including rabbits and goats from the Himalayan region which …

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Extreme flat-faced Persian cats are like humans suffering from coronal craniosynostosis

The more extreme flat-faced cat has an abnormally dome-shaped skull compared to both the Domestic Shorthair plus other severe problems of size and shape causing a severe health issues

Extreme flat-face Persian cats are, according to a research paper carried out in 2017 by German scientists, equivalent to children suffering from a condition called coronal craniosynostosis. This is a rare condition where a baby’s skull does not grow properly causing an irregular head shape. I would suggest in fact that the abnormality of …

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Working memory in domestic cats to position hind legs

Cat's hind legs avoid obstacles thanks to working memory

People and animals need working memory in order to function properly. This is the part of short-term memory concerned with immediate conscious perceptual processing. Another definition is: a limited capacity store for retaining information for a brief period while performing mental operations on that information. It allows us to interact with the world as …

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