Cat starts to pee in bathroom sink. Impressed or concerned?

A user says the following: “Cat started peeing in the sink – don’t know if I should be impressed or concerned”. I’d be concerned even if the cat looks healthy and is behaving normally and pooping in the litter tray. This points to cystitis, an inflammation of the bladder due to a bacterial infection. It affects male cats more than females. Cats with cystitis have a strong desire to pee and grab whatever place they can find and don’t pee much and sometimes pee bloody urine due to the infection.

Cat pees in sink all of a sudden. Impressed or concerned?
Cat pees in sink all of a sudden. Impressed or concerned? Image: screenshot from Reddit video.

It is almost as if they are doing their best to be helpful by peeing in the sink which is why the owner asks if she should be impressed. Cystitis is often idiopathic – no obvious cause – and exacerbated by stress which is commonly caused by being alone for long periods (separation anxiety).

Feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) – watch for stress as the primary cause

If it is idiopathic cystitis, it can be cured with antibiotics, but the underlying cause needs to be assessed and removed. I shouldn’t be too difficult to work out the cause of the stress.

The main reason why I know so much about idiopathic cystitis is because many years ago it happened to my female cat because she was a full-time indoor cat and I was a full-time working solicitor. I became a locum solicitor which meant I was freelance and therefore able to choose when to work and for how long to a certain extent which helped to solve the problem.

Although I have a page (see below) on a home treatment for cystitis, it would be wise to go to the vet to check out for other possible illnesses.

Dr Bruce Fogle says this about another cause of cystitis in his book: Complete Cat Care:

“Some cats urinate more frequently often in strange places such as bathtubs, sinks or even frying pans because of a form of cystitis that is related to neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain.” It is more common in indoor cats and “it needs medical and dietary management”.

Cranberry extract can help dogs with cystitis, but it may be less effective in cats.

Home Remedy for Cat with Cystitis

Why Feral Cats Have a Low Incidence of Cystitis

Below are some pages on the urinary tract.

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Hot of the press: Super gentle man rescues cat in Hurricane Ian (video)


Posting this in a rush. I will add some more words later. What I love about this is the super gentle way the man picks up the cat who is on top of an air conditioner. His name is Mike Ross aged 29. His girlfriend, Megan Cruz Scavo, is giving directions/instructions off screen! The hurricane looks horrendous. Devastating with many killed. What about the cats and dogs too. We must not forget them.

Oh, Mike adopted the cat. Brilliant. A nice way to round off the rescue. My God, they’ll be bonded for life. And the cat looks as nice as Mike. A ginger bicolour.

Megan said in her Twitter post:

“My boyfriend saving a cat from flood waters near Bonita Beach. #HurricaneIan #Naples #Bonita #FortMyers.”

Mike Ross and his rescued cat
Mike Ross and his rescued cat. He adopted the cat! Bliss.

The opposite response in Florida during the same hurricane at a different location

Well, here is another story of cat rescue during Hurricane Ian but this one did not happen and there is uproar on Twitter about it. Allegedly Dylan Federico failed to take action to save the life of a kitten stranded during the hurricane when he was evacuated from this office. The kitten drowned apparently only the reporting is sketchy. There is no evidence from what I see that the man failed to act, and the kitten drowned but I am reporting the news item here in any case.

The different responses reflect the differences in opinion about the value of the lives of animals in general and domestic and stray cats in particular. Some people – the better people – care about sentient lives. Others are so wrapped up in their lives that they don’t care. Their lives are human-centric. And hundreds of millions of people across the word still don’t have sensitivities towards animals. They just don’t get it. They don’t regard them as sentient beings with feelings.

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20-year-old woman allegedly kills man she believed was trying to drive over a cat

NEWS AND COMMENT-LOS ANGELES, USA: This is a very tragic story and I confess that I feel bad for this young woman, Hannah Esser, which is why I have put her age in the title. She has her whole life ahead of her and it appears, allegedly, that she completely lost her cool in an argument with a man, Luis Anthony Victor, 43, who she believed had been trying to run over a cat in his SUV.

Hannah Star Esser, 20
Hannah Star Esser, 20. Image: Orange County District Attorney’s office

She confronted Mr Victor according to the prosecutors and she filmed her conversation with the man on her cell phone. The argument took place on 9700 block of Graham Street at about 8:30 PM. They both got out of their cars and argued. The young woman according to the prosecutors, “made a U-turn, accelerated and drove directly at Mr Victor”.

She hit the man with the right front of his car. He was launched into the air onto the car’s hood and windshield. He flipped several times and landed on the street according to the prosecutors’ report. He died at the scene.

The police arrested Esser later on in the evening. Prosecutors are reviewing surveillance video from nearby residences as well as the video on Esser’s cell phone.

The event took place in front of the apartment building where Mr Victor lived. His family members are raising funds for funeral expenses and issued a statement as follows:

“We are devastated by the loss of Victor, a beloved father of five daughters, a treasured son, brother, friend, and cousin. This senseless act of violence has robbed the world of a bright light who will never be forgotten.”

Do some car drivers deliberately run over cats?

Yes, it was senseless but was he such a bright light if it is true that he was about to drive over a cat which would have been a crime. Esser was stupid, and she completely lost her cool in the most dramatic and devastating way. But I, for one, can get into her head and sense how she felt. She was incensed by what she saw and couldn’t control herself. And perhaps Mr Victor said something to her which inflamed the situation and made things a lot worse. We don’t know. Perhaps she was insulted or perhaps she just hated to see a person trying to kill a cat. Perhaps she had been traumatised beforehand in some other way.

The tragedy is that she now faces a maximum sentence of 25 years to life if convicted, which is going to be the ruination of her life because of 4-5 minutes of loss of control.

Son drives over three cats with proud mum in passenger seat

The Orange County District Attorney said, “This action showed a complete disregard for human life”. Well, it shows a complete disregard for the life of Mr Victor, but I wouldn’t generalise. And it also shows a very positive regard for the lives of animals. That point needs to be recognised.

Source: LA Times.

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Tampa Police Department refuse to disclose picture of deputy accused of killing girlfriend’s cat

Eric Harris, a Pasco Sheriff’s Office deputy has been arrested on a charge of felony animal cruelty after being accused by his former girlfriend, and based upon a necropsy, of cruelly assaulting his former girlfriend’s three-year-old male cat, Axel. Axel died in hospital of his injuries which included severe haemorrhaging and bruising to internal organs, facial injuries, a missing tooth, marks on his body indicating stomping, inability to stand on his rear legs and broken and bloody toenails.

Axel. Photo: Tampa PD.

The fact that Eric Harris has been arrested means that the Tampa Police Department should have sufficient evidence to run a case against him and he should end up in the criminal courts on trial. He denies absolutely that he killed Axel and in fact one newspaper tells us that he has laughed about the incident.

However, the Tampa Police Department refuse to release Harris’ booking photo. Section 119.07 of the relevant Florida statute does not exempt public disclosure of booking photographs of a deputy sheriff once they have been arrested by a law enforcement officer. On the basis that that is correct, the police department are compounding the alleged crime of Harris with their own misdeed. I do not know if it is a crime to be in breach of this statute, but it might well be. Under the section mention, all public records need to be open for inspection and copying.

Statute governing booking photo disclosure in Florida
Statute governing booking photo disclosure in Florida

Eric Harris was involved in an argument with his girlfriend of six months with whom he had recently moved in. They apparently argued about the two cats. It appears that Mr Harris dislikes cats and he was upset about the cats allegedly defecating on the floor outside of their litterbox and jumping onto counters and furniture. Comment: it is entirely natural for cats to jump on counters and furniture.

Sometimes cats do defecate outside the litter box for various good reasons, one of which might be stress, and another might be that the litter substrate did not suit them.

Apparently, Harris and his girlfriend frequently argued and according to her he often displayed aggressive behaviour.

On August 22 Harris’s girlfriend returned home to her apartment at about 7 pm and noticed that both her cats were in their crate behaving sheepishly and Axel’s toenails on his rear paws were broken and bloody. She investigated and noticed that he was acting in a strange way and could not stand on his rear legs.

She took him to a veterinarian in Sarasota who recommended that he be taken to an animal hospital for urgent treatment where he died from his injuries the same day. The doctor attending to Axel called law enforcement who questioned Harris who, as mentioned, denied wrongdoing. He claims that the cat was doing fine when he was alone with Axel in the apartment.

On August 31 Harris was arrested by the Tampa Police Department at his home. Comment: it appears that the Tampa PD are protecting Eric Harris by withholding his photograph when it should be disclosed under the law.

Comment: as happens all over the world, when there is wrongdoing within the police, they protect each other, and they don’t mind if they are committing a crime when they do this. It shows a lack of integrity when police officers should be selected for their integrity. It allegedly shows that the quality of the leaders of Tampa PD are not of the quality which should be demanded by the citizens of that jurisdiction.

I feel very bad about Axel. He must’ve been terrified and in severe pain. May he rest in peace and may he obtain justice after the trial of Eric Harris. I hope that the trial takes place and I hope it takes place in a way that does justice.

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Praying mantis strikes impressive defensive pose under attack from domestic cat

The video shows a domestic cat idly playing with a praying mantis that happened to be in the area (unfortunately for the praying mantis). Domestic cats instinctively regard insects as prey animals. Domestic cats often play with their prey as we know, and they like to mess around with insects to brighten up their idle lives. In this instance the cat is played to entertain herself.

A praying mantis defends itself against a domestic cat attack
A praying mantis defends itself against a domestic cat attack although the is just playing. An impressive display and it worked as the cat saunters off somewhat put off by the boxing stance. Image: Screenshot.

But to the praying mantis it is an attack by a predator and an aggressor. And equally instinctively the praying mantis takes up this well-known and impressive defensive display. It’s instinctive but what is impressive about it for me is that the mantis is prepared to defend itself against a domestic cat which towers above it, a huge giant which can kill it in a flash.

That doesn’t enter the mind of the praying mantis. Perhaps it believes it can defend itself successfully or perhaps it’s just so instinctive that there is no thought involved.

But it seems to have worked because the cat saunters off, suddenly being unsure about continuing to play with an insect that has its forelegs raised like a boxer ready to fight to the death.

Perhaps this defensive pose display did the trick. It is intended to send a message to the predator that they are bigger than they really are. The praying mantis stands tall, spreads and holds their forelegs in front of them like a boxer in preparation to penetrate the opposition. The wings are fanned out wide and the mouth is open. A terrifying sight to another insect.

And the praying mantis can bite, but I would doubt that a domestic cat would be affected by it. But they are highly aggressive and very capable predators. Under normal circumstances they ambush their prey, grab the insect with their raptorial arms which are lined with spikes, and start eating the prey insect alive by tearing chunks of it with their huge mandibles.

The praying mantis is a voracious predator, and this very bold and capable creature is ready to defend itself against a top mammalian predator far larger than itself.

For a bit of fun here is a video of a caterpillar that looks like a cat. The Twitter video caption reads: “Cute caterpillar looks like a cat The caterpillar of the brown Chinese bush butterfly or Mycalesis gotama has a snout that is familiar to the whole world in the shape of the Hello Kitty logo”.


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Why do cats circle before laying down to sleep?

The answer to the question in the title looks as if it is common sense but before I discuss it, it should be said that not all cats circle all the time when settling down to snooze or sleep. They tend to fiddle around a bit when they could more efficiently just plonk down. Living in a comfortable human home and having well used places where a cat sleeps all the time there is no need to circle and fiddle around to ensure that they are going to be comfortable. The know the ropes. And in any case cats are known to sleep almost anywhere.

Have you seen those internet photos of cats sleeping on clothes hangers and other strange places? Here is one example:

Domestic cats sleep almost anywhere therefore circling before snoozing is not about only about getting comfy.
Domestic cats sleep almost anywhere therefore circling before snoozing is not about only about getting comfy. Image: MikeB

It is more peculiar than that because in my experience cats seem to like sleeping on cables and lumps that might crisscross a nice comfy duvet. Or, at least, cats don’t mind sleeping on what look like uncomfortable objects to humans.

My cat Gabriel sleeping on my bed
My cat Gabriel sleeping on my bed

First-hand experience tells me that domestic cats have a good tolerance for what looks to humans to be uncomfortable bedding. But circling before snoozing must be about getting into a position which feels comfortable, and I think the biggest factor in feeling comfortable is the direction in which they are facing when they have settled and not the smoothness of the bedding.

They have an instinct for facing the right direction when settled. And the ‘right direction’ must be one which provides them with the most reassurance. In turn this must mean a good line of sight for what is happening as most of the time that cats are sleeping it is not REM sleep but light snoozing. REM sleep is rapid eye movement sleep. It’s deep sleep. But other than a relative short period or periods of REM sleep cats can be fully awake and moving within about 2 seconds while they are ‘sleeping’ if they hear a strange sound that spells trouble and which might threaten them. Their ears are picking up sounds all the time while enjoying non-REM sleep.

Thinking about it, domestic cats circle on their bedding or their human’s lap to instinctive feel the safest direction to face. However, once settled and getting into the mood for REM sleep, domestic cats often change their position to one which might make them more vulnerable. However, they have decided that the place where they are sleeping is safe and therefore can change position without feeling anxious. Sometimes they are positioned very vulnerably but they are at home and I guess that knowledge overrides their wild cat instinct to be safe when sleeping.

That is my assessment having considered it while typing this. I mean, at the end of the day, it must be about feeling emotionally comfortable and in the mood for REM sleep. As mentioned, I don’t think physical comfort is a major factor except for heat. They normally like a source of warmth under, over or directed at them, which also makes them feel more relaxed and in the mood for sleep.

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Killing shelter cats and dogs is a choice not a necessity

Nathan Winograd, perhaps American’s greatest animal advocate today (2022), states that “shelter killing is a choice”. He firmly believes that shelters do not need to kill their cats and dogs provided they have used all the methods at their disposal to save their lives. However, sadly, he sees excuses for killing shelter animals and he thinks excuses have “reached peak absurdity”.

Killing shelter cats and dogs is a choice not a necessity
Killing shelter cats and dogs is a choice not a necessity. Image: MikeB based on Pixabay images.

He has some good arguments as to why these excuses are absurd. A very powerful argument is the following. Last month, in America, shelters across the country participated in NBC’s “Clear the Shelters” ‘adoptathon’. Shelters did the best they could to save lives and find homes and in this campaign’s eight-year history the number of cats and dogs finding homes, 161,500, is a record. And the numbers relate to municipal pounds where the animals would probably have been euthanised.

He says this is proof that when shelter management employ their best effort and methods, they can up the adoption rate and lower the kill rate. It makes excuses sound hollow. But at the same time there are some shelters who say that America has reached the maximum number of dogs and therefore there is no one out there to adopt shelter dogs. Winograd also claims that the “naysayers” to No-kill say that there will be a downward trend in adoptions generations to come.

He believes this is more than unduly pessimistic. He thinks it’s plain wrong as evidenced by the campaign mentioned above and other factors such as growing pet adoptions by ‘Millennials’ and ‘Genzers’ and the success of communities where they’ve managed to place 99% of dogs and other animals.

Thanks to (1) sterilisation programs and (2) educating pet owners to keep their pets for the life of the pet and not surrender them, about 4.5 million animals entered shelters before the Covid pandemic which was much lower than in previous years. It is also nice to hear that senior pets are being adopted more often.

So, there were lower intakes into shelters while adoption rates have increased. Winograd says that about one third of all pets are acquired through shelter adoption.

2021 dog and cat adoptions increased over pre-pandemic levels and in the case of cats the increase was significant. Further, in 2022, intakes into shelters are below the lower pre-pandemic levels. In short, more people are adopting, and less people are surrendering to shelters.

Winograd claims that the newspaper headlines are misleading. He thinks that newspapers are writing more about animal shelters and painting an unduly negative picture because people are more concerned about animal shelters and the animals they care for. Animal shelters are more of a news item which is progress because it means that more people will adopt from shelters in being concerned about the animals.

On a bad note, the length of stay has increased in some shelters. This affects their survival because the longer the stay the more animals that there are in the shelter and therefore there is less space for incoming animals. Also, the longer animal stays in a shelter the more likely they will be euthanised in being judged unadoptable.

Some animal shelters are still running under Covid-style rules. They are not fully open to the public for adoption, and they’ve done this by choice. This has a negative impact on adoptions it is argued.

And still some shelters have not embraced Nathan Winograd’s ‘No Kill Equation’ program. The program includes such initiatives as foster care, marketing and promotion, off-site adoptions, robust adoption campaigns, being open when people are off work and families are together such as weekends and evenings.

He says that “good choices lead to good outcomes” and “bad choices lead to bad outcomes”. Where shelters have implemented the programs mentioned they reach placement rates of 99% post-pandemic without, he says, turning animals away or closing their doors.

And where the challenges are more severe because intakes are outpacing adoptions and where animals are staying in shelters for longer than they should, they need to “ramp up the programs and services that overcome these challenges”.

He doesn’t like shelters and organisations making excuses for not implementing the No Kill Equation. He says that organisations such as Austin Pets Alive, Best Friends, Maddie’s Fund, the National Animal Control Association (NACA), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), tend to enable shelters to make excuses or to scale back operations.

As you can see, I am a fan of Nathan Winograd. If I was running a shelter in America, I would be on the phone to him or I would buy his book or visit his website and list all the ways I could save lives and find adopters. I would max out the possibilities and in doing that I believe I would end up running a no-kill shelter with a 90% save rate.

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Sometimes I don’t clean my cat’s wet food bowl even after several servings and sittings

I expect that you, like me, normally clean your cat’s food bowl after one serving. What I mean is you take a fresh bowl, put the wet food in, your cat eats it, you remove any waste that is uneaten and then you put the bowl in the dishwasher. I expect that that is the normal course of events. If it isn’t then please tell me in a comment as soon as possible ✔️👌👍.

It’s what I normally do but sometimes my cat will eat out of the same wet food bowl for five days on the trot and I don’t clean the bowl throughout that time. That sounds really careless and sloppy, but it isn’t. This is the bowl he uses over and over again without it being washed by me. But it is in effect washed by my cat’s tongue!

Wet cat food bowl used for 5 meals without washing it
Wet cat food bowl used for 5 meals without washing it. Image: MikeB

And it is because I provide just the right amount of food that my cat will eat completely. In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that I provide him with slightly less food than he wants to eat at that moment.

This results in him licking the bowl clean as he chases the last bit of food in it. The bowl is so clean that it does not need washing. And when we bear in mind that saliva contains a sort of disinfectant there are no problems with this method. In fact, saliva is rich in antimicrobial compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, lactoferrin, and lysozymes.

Also, if there are one or two small particles of food left in the bowl, they dry out completely and become inert, benign, they don’t rot down and therefore you can go on feeding your cat like this for several days without cleaning the bowl.

The advantages are legendary! You save money on running your dishwasher and in an era of the much-vaunted cost-of-living crisis this is money in the bank which should please cat owners.

Hills wet cat food sachets are too large?
Hills wet cat food sachets are too large? The one on the right and similar-sized sachet are correct for complete eating and less bowl cleaning!

And if you clean your cat’s food bowls by hand you avoid that irritating task. And of course, perhaps most importantly there is no waste food to get rid of. That’s a massive plus as in summer waste wet cat food starts to pong fairly fast and what do you do with it? Wherever you put it, it pongs and if a fly has got to it and laid eggs you might see an army of maggots invading your living space in a day or two. I wrap it up in tin foil and place it is a sealed container in the kitchen or in the waste bin outside the home to avoid smells in the home.

Millions of dollars of pet food wasted because cats are fed when not hungry

So how much food do you put in the bowl to make sure that your cat licks it clean? Well, I use two cat food products which are supplied in small sachets. I find that this amount of cat food is just slightly short of what he requires in one sitting. In fact, I might give him two sachets at one sitting, but I try and avoid that because he will then leave some of the food in the bowl at the end of the second sitting!

Cat Food Portion Size to Control Feline Obesity and to Save on Waste

The target, if that is the right phrase, is to get your cat to eat everything in the food bowl and to lick it clean because he likes to food so much and there’s not quite enough to completely satisfy him. That’s the target and it works well for me.

The photograph on this page is of one such food bowl which has been used multiple times before cleaning and one of those food sachets that I’m talking about.

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