Surprising domestic cat numbers in US Census’ American Housing Survey

Cats in home survey for US

The United States Census Bureau has provided us with their American Housing Survey (AHS). They tell us how many households have pets and they break it down into cats and dogs and other animals. They also break it down into multi-cat and multi-dog homes. The survey has thrown up a very surprising number for …

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The earliest ‘classic’ cat book 1727

Les Chats by Moncrif

Dr Desmond Morris, the renowned author of many books on animal and human behaviour including the definitive ‘CATWATCHING’ describes this book as a ‘classic’ cat book. But a bookseller has a different opinion (see below). I have scanned it and it is a classic cat book but not as we, today, understand the meaning …

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Wily toxoplasma parasite hijacks immune cells to travel around the host

Toxoplasma parasite engages in 'identity theft' of immune cell to travel around the host's body

I have had to interpret a very complicated study on the Toxoplasma gondii protozoan parasite published on the Cell Host & Microbe website. But it is an interesting study if you take the time to try and interpreted as a lay person i.e., non-scientific person because this parasitic disease is very important in the …

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Underreported and underdiagnosed osteoarthritis in domestic cats?

90% of elderly cats have OA

My research indicates to me that osteoarthritis is underreported and underdiagnosed in domestic cats in America. That assessment probably applies to other countries because it is difficult to assess. It’s hard to assess in the consulting room because cats are frightened anyway, and they don’t behave normally so it is difficult to assess a …

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Ukraine rescue cats arrive in DC after compliance with mountains of rules and regulations and $12,000 spent

Gorgeous Gizmo

This is an incredibly impressive, committed and wonderful cat rescue organised mainly, on my understanding, by Homewood Trails Animal Rescue (11116 Fairfax Station Rd, Fairfax Station, VA, United States, Virginia). They have a Facebook page and a couple of their Facebook posts are republished below. There is also a video from WUSA9 YouTube. Note: …

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