We need to selectively breed moggies to reduce predation

Curious and seriously cute kitten

We know that most domestic cats are “moggies” i.e., non-purebred cats. They been created through natural selection whereas purebred cats are created through artificial selection a.k.a. selective breeding. We also know that domestic cats are wonderful predators. It is their raison d’être. They are built to hunt and kill. It is a problem for …

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Dr. Walter Palmer who killed Cecil the Lion still gets many one-star ratings

Walter Palmer and Cecil the Lion

You may recall that Dr. Walter Palmer is the notorious Minnesota dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion. Well, actually he shot the lion with his bow and arrow, but it did not kill Cecil who was finished off by an agent later, I believe. The news was all over the Internet because …

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Is cat dander bad for babies?

Cats and babies in harmony together

Is cat dander bad for babies? My answer based on careful research is that it is probably or possibly good for babies. However, we are currently (2022) unsure. Please read on. It is helpful to ask: “What is cat dander?” Cat dander describes very small particles about five microns (µm) in diameter. It becomes …

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Behind the Japanese cuteness culture there is ugliness and the death of many kittens

This cute kitten died the day after this photo was taken

In the world of cats, in Japan, there are two competing forces. One is a veneer over the other. The veneer is the cuteness culture for which the Japanese have a specific name ‘Kawaii’. The Japanese love cute things and that attitude applies to the selection of the kind of cat that they wish …

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Who’s to blame when dog kills cat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia?

Sunshine coast Australia

There is a tortuously tricky decision to be made about which owner is liable in terms of criminal behaviour and compensation under a civil claim after a cat wandered onto a next-door neighbour’s property (front garden) and was killed by the dog living at that property on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The complexity …

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Given complete freedom what would a male domestic cat do?

Cat active at night disturbs some cat owners

We are so used to seeing our domestic cats in our homes, fitting in with the human lifestyle, it might be useful to remind ourselves what a male domestic cat would do if given complete freedom. If they lived without compromise. And I do believe that domestic cats compromise because they are shoehorned into …

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