Cute cat does perfect walking handstands like a gymnast?

Domestic cat performing walking handstand

In an extraordinary video from TikTok we see a cute domestic cat that looks purebred (Brit SH?) practicing walking handstands as if they were human gymnasts. It is amazing. He pulls himself up just like a gymnast. Is there a plausible and practical reason for this form of feline behaviour? I have seen it …

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Infographic on 4 reasons why cats love to sit on laptops

4 reasons why cats love to sit on laptops with tips to stop it

Perhaps the more important topic is a little philosophical: should we try and stop cats sitting on laptops? The obvious response is no BUT how do we work or entertain ourselves with laptops? With a bit of difficulty. The answer is to find a nice compromise. You let your cat come to you when …

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Can you stop a kitten biting your hand by growling at them?

Stopping a kitten biting a hand by growling at them like their mother

There is an interesting video on Instagram showing a young tabby kitten biting their female owner’s hand. She deliberately let’s her kitten bite it, I guess as part of her demonstration that you can stop a kitten biting by growling at them as a mother would (it is claimed). Not a lot is said …

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China starts to accept Western values in domestic cat ownership

Soobin - a cat celebrity in China 2018

On one website today ( there is a question:” Do Chinese people hate cats ๐Ÿˆ?” It is not a good question because it is too generalised. What he means is do some Chinese citizens in China hate cats? The person who asked the question said that when he was a kid a neighbour’s son …

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Pictures of sad shelter cats and interesting bios improve chance of adoption

Pictures of sad shelter cats tend to go viral and enhance chance of adoption

This post was inspired by ex-shelter cat ‘Fishtopher’ who was a long-term resident at the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey, USA. The picture got him out of there. Not that it is a bad place. But it is shelter and shelters are not great places for cats or dogs. Too …

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Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss.

Cats are naturally aggressive. Discuss. They use these weapons.

The title sounds too negative. It almost sounds as if it was written by a cat hater. But no, the words come from the world’s most prolific and best-known veterinarian/author in one of the best books on the domestic cat: Complete Cat Care. He is Dr Bruce Fogle DVM, and he likes cats. And …

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Disgruntled pet owners disillusioned with private equity-owned veterinary practices in UK

Barkley a bright and loving cockapoo who was injured by an animal hospital leaving him doubly incontinent

NEWS AND OPINION: Britain has changed in almost all respects and for the worse. One area of life that has gone to the dogs is veterinary clinics since the independently owned businesses were bought up by private equity firms. Back in the day each veterinary clinic was owned and managed by the vets themselves …

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Japanese Bobtail ‘Red Van’ pattern (infographic)

Japanese Bobtail with red van pattern

This is a nice Helmi Flick photograph of a classic Japanese Bobtail with the Van pattern published here with her express permission. This is the classic Turkish Van pattern with the inverted ‘V’ marking over the head and around the ears. The markings are in red in this instance. All Japanese Bobtails have this …

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