Infographic on ‘Compatibility of Cats with Children in the Family’

Child and ginger tabby cat

As the Infographic is based upon a scientific study, it has, on the face of it, validity. Nonetheless, I would like to add some thoughts of my own. Firstly, they assessed the interactions of children between the ages of 3-12 years of age. And there were 665 participants. And as you can see, they …

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Tammy Hembrow’s infant daughter, Posy, clambers all over the family’s Ragdoll cat Bubbles

Posy clambers all over Bubbles

This makes slightly uncomfortable viewing if you are genuinely concerned about animal AND infant welfare. Tammy Hembrow has received a lot of negative publicity through mainstream online news media such as the Daily Mail because she allowed her nine-month-old daughter Posy to crawl over, in an uncomfortable way, the family’s Ragdoll cat, Bubbles.   …

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Infographic on changes in your cat indicating health issues and at home health checks

Infographic on changes to cat's behavior in various ways and what they might mean in terms of health

My thanks to a veterinarian who many admire and to whom we owe a debt because of his great books on all aspects of the domestic cat: Dr Bruce Fogle DVM. I think it is useful to have some straightforward guidelines on detecting possible cat health issues through changes in their activities, demeanour, breathing, …

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Looking at the finances of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

For the sake of complete accuracy, the title is Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (“Battersea”). An ampersand connects dogs and cats ?. I’m being picky but it needs to be accurate. In a 2016 YouGov poll Battersea was in the top ten of UK’s charities. This means that they are highly trusted and that …

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Are there cat breeds that like water?

It is a fantasy that all Sphynx cats LOVE water

Internet articles are misleading on the topic of cat breeds liking or loving water. Is it true as the internet largely states that there are cat breeds that like or love water which means that they like to jump into water and join you in the shower and dive into baths begging to be …

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What is PETA’s policy on TNR (trap-neuter-release) and feral cats?

PETA on TNR and feral cats

“PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized.” The Infographic above explains PETA’s policy on TNR and feral cats in general. There has to be an overlap between their policy on TNR and their policy on feral cats. PETA has a reputation for killing cats. Some people think that they …

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