Infographic on ‘Train to reduce acquired fear in your cat’

Fearful cat by DALLE E

Fear in a cat can be ‘trained in’ by bad experiences. This infographic is about ‘training out’ that acquired fear (fear developed through experience) through a sensitive, graded and progressive approach to desensitizing the fearful and anxious cat. It is training the brain to accept what once frightened them. The points I want to …

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Norwegian Forest Cat facts for kids

Norwegian Forest Cat

This page on the Norwegian Forest Cat for kids is simplified in language and content. It can be reused under a creative commons license. The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” …

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What happens if you neuter a cat too early?

Spaying and neutering cats

In this article I am interpreting the word “neuter” to apply to the sterilisation of male domestic cats (orchidectomy). That is how the word should be used because when you sterilise a female cat the word that describes the operation is “spaying” or “to spay” (ovariohysterectomy). Although, the word ‘neuter’ can apply to both …

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Why does stress exacerbate cystitis in domestic cats?

How does stress exacerbate feline cystitis

Well, I wanted to find out more about this topic because although like many others I know that a lot of cases of feline cystitis (bladder inflammation) are idiopathic (unknown cause) it is often made worse by stress. But it is hard to see a connection between stress and a bacterial infection of the …

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Essay for kids on a democratic government versus a dictatorship (and touching on animal welfare)

Essay on dictatorship versus democracy for kids

Initial note: this essay is published on a cat website 😊. The welfare of cats and animal generally is impacted by dictatorships and therefore this essay is appropriate for this website! The essay is written in plain English to make it more understandable to kids. And the content is simplified as well for the …

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Can tigers mate with: leopards, jaguars and lions?

Can tigers mate with lions, leopards and jaguars?

The best source for information of this kind is Sarah Hartwell’s She is quite clear on this. While lions, jaguars and leopards can all mate with each other to ‘form viable hybrids’, the tiger can only successfully mate to produce viable offspring with the lion. When a tiger mates with the leopard the …

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Infographic on “What kind of cat did Cleopatra have?”

Cleopatra and cat

The infographic answers the question as best I can. It is not clear when the multitude of different domestic cat coats first emerged through natural selection (evolution) except for the classic (blotched) tabby which emerged in the 18th century. But as the domestic cat is a domesticated North Eastern wildcat which is a rather …

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