COPYTRACK – How to beat them and not pay a penny (review)


This article is about how to beat COPYTRACK. I am more bullish than the other websites discussing this topic. You will see advice elsewhere. Some of it is not great. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a retired solicitor (attorney in the US). I retired 20 years ago. I still remember the basic …

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A taste of – Domestic Piglet Cat Child

Domestic Piglet Cat

Have you – living in the West – ever visited Chinese websites such as Weibo? It’s worth doing. It is like going to the Moon or Mars. It is a different world and difficult to fathom. You can translate the website but the translation is poor. This adds to the strangeness of the experience. …

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Chinese Mountain cat aka desert cat (2023)

Chinese mountain or desert cat

The article is over several pages with links at the base of each page to the next. This is for technical reasons. Overview The Chinese Mountain cat is more commonly named the Chinese desert cat or ‘desert cat’, although it is a little misleading as their habitat is mountainous terrain. However, little is known …

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Increase in human allergies inc. asthma – reason? – children allergic to cats – spread of cat/dog allergen – environment – lifestyle

Allergens and allergies

A Guardian article online interests me because an allergy to cats affects around 10% of people (is this an underestimate?). The conclusion of the Guardian article is that more and more of us are suffering from allergies. Medicines are struggling to keep up. Theresa MacPhail completed a monumental task of looking at the development …

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Translate a website into your language (instructions)

Translate websites using google translate

Here’s how to translate a website into your language using Google Translate. It is a bit fiddlier on phones because of the restricted size of the device. But this is pretty straightforward for first-time users. Copy the website’s address by tapping it once. The website’s address is the ‘URL’. It is in the box …

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Tiger size compared to a dog

Tiger height versus medium dog

The title is a bit vague because it neither specifies the species of tiger nor the species of dog. The Bengal tiger is the most common and a decent average. It is the species that we think of when we think of tigers. I’ve compared the Bengal tiger with a medium-sized dog (Springer Spaniel) …

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If your neighbour wants to poison your cat move home!

Barbera Minns the mad pensioner of Cornwall

NEWS AND OPINION: If the relationship between you and your neighbour is so bad that they consistently try and poison your cat (or kill them in any other way), I’d recommend moving home. Just do it quietly without complaint. I’ll tell you why but first I’ll tell you about Barbera Minns in Cornwall who’s …

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Animal welfare laws don’t apply to the INBREEDING of purebred dogs and cats which causes harm

Inbreeding of purebred cats can cause unnecessary suffering during their lives

It seems to me that animal welfare laws which are usually under statute (an ‘act’) don’t apply to dog and cat breeders or any other breeders for that matter in respect of an important aspect of their work: inbreeding. But they should. Perhaps I’ve got this wrong but I don’t recall any dog or …

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