Cats counteract the 26% increased chance of a heart attack in lonely diabetics

I’m going to refer to several studies reduced to simple language. I know how people don’t like studies because they can be a bit technical. In summarising, the studies found that people with diabetes who were lonely were 26% more likely to develop heart disease than those who regularly saw friends. To counteract the …

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Feeding your cat well should reduce the area over which they patrol

Cat feeding

Indoor/outdoor cats do not need to patrol their territory in order to find food when they are well fed. But domestic cats still, instinctively, patrol their ‘home range’ (the area they call home). Domestic cats are attached to their territory as much as they are attached to their human caregiver. It’s about habits and …

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Do cats think of us as surrogate mothers, equals or kittens?

When You Believe Your Cat Has Emotions You Are More Attached to Her

The conclusion from a couple of PhD experts, Dr John Bradshaw (Cat Sense) and Dr Desmond Morris (Cat Watching and many other books on animal and human behavior), is that cats do not think of us as equals. The domestic cat thinks of us as (1) surrogate mothers and/or (2) kittens and/or (3) superior …

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Three sibling kittens cuddled up on a public bench wait to be rescued

This is very strange. Rare I’d say. I have never seen it before. This is a bench in a public place, next to a sidewalk (pavement). How did they get there? One thought comes to my tired, cynical mind. The owner put them there. She/he abandoned them. They curled up together to stay warm. …

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The cat’s meow and talkative cat breeds

Female cat's meow is like music

This is a brief discussion on the well-known domestic cat’s meow and talkative cat breeds. You will see some websites proclaiming confidently that certain cat breeds are more talkative than others but I wouldn’t be so certain. Often it is an individual cat trait and it also depend a lot on the relationship between …

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Cat’s expressive eyes and mobile ears

Cat with 2 individual whiskers that curl up and touch both her eyes

The body language of a cat’s eyes and ears are worth a quick discussion and I am reliant on personal experience and that of the vet Dr Bruce Fogle in his book Complete Cat Care. Eyes As is typical of other animals, dilated pupils indicate excitement or enervation because the cat is fearful or …

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Torturing dogs to death to improve the taste of their ‘meat’ is scientifically INCORRECT

There is a tweet on Twitter today which reminds me that in the huge dog meat market in Asia, mainly China, they believe that if they torture the dogs to death by beating them and in other horrible ways, they improve the taste of the “meat” that the dogs produce because of the adrenaline …

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