Happy cat campaign tip 1 – the discarded cardboard box

Gabs in his box

I am running two campaigns at the moment and they overlap. One is to promote domestic cat happiness. Sounds childish almost but it’s not. It’s about remembering our responsibilities towards our cat companions. After providing security, warmth and sustenance it is down to cat caregivers to make their cat happy! Of course, the owner …

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How to create a lifelong bond with your cat

Make your cat happy for a close bond

There are two ways, as I see it, of creating a lifelong bond with your cat. They refer to a couple of different scenarios. This is not some sort of mysterious, magical system. It is applied common sense. Make your cat happy I have written about making your cat happy before (link to article). …

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2 reasons why it hurts more when your cat dies compared to a close relative


There are 2 reasons why it is not uncommon for cat owners to feel more distress and emotional hurt when their cat passes over the rainbow bridge than when relatives die including parents or a husband or wife. This is not a universal formula but I think it will be true on many occasions. …

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Cat zoomies for social media videos

Cat zoomie is questionable

You’ve got natural domestic cat zoomies and zoomies created for social media and they can be different because as we see in the video below, zoomies captured for social media – in this case TikTok – can be contrived with the cat being stressed up by the desires of their owner to achieve those …

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Puppy stolen by armed intruder reunited with owners in 24 hours – infographic plots course of events

Dog theft caught on CCTV

I decided to tell the bare bones of this story in a picture, an infographic, because I think it leads itself to that kind of presentation. It is an interesting and unusual story as only one in four stolen dogs are reunited with their owners in the UK. Many other dogs are not so …

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Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary respects climate change activist who interrupts her at a speaking event

Elise Joshi interrupts Karine Jean-Pierre

Karine Jean-Pierre is an admirable woman. She is gay and talented. She was speaking at an event about climate change during which an activist, Elise Joshi, had the courage to get up and interrupt. There are two very good things about the interruption. Firstly, Joshi had the courage to do it. She was clearly …

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Domestic cats haven’t yet worked out many aspects of human activity

Cats have not yet sussed out human manipulations of human objects

This is an interesting illustration from Dr John Bradshaw’s book Cat Sense (which you can download to Kindle by the way which allows you to search for keywords) on the topic of how well or not so well domestic cats understand what is going on around them in the human world. As cat owners, …

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How do cats learn to open doors?

Cat Opening Door

Domestic cats have good learning abilities as shown by the fact that they adapt to indoor living. They make sense of their surroundings by classical conditioning and learn how to open doors through ‘operant conditioning’. We see a lot of videos online of cats opening doors; often interior doors and sometimes fridge doors. It …

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