Siamese kitten tested positive for meth and amphetamine

Athena had an incredibly hard start to her life

NEWS AND VIEWS: I always comment on the news rather than simply repeating it as I must. I have to contribute something to it. No point just regurgitating it. And this story from America, from my perspective, highlights a problem with drug taking that is a big issue in America and other countries. Drugs …

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Pointless task in listing all the species of animal that the domestic cat eats

Domestic cat predation

The New Scientist reports on a group of scientists who are drawing up a comprehensive list of all the animals that the domestic cat eats. So far, their list contains 2048 species made up of “981 birds, 463 reptiles, 431 mammals – including humans – 119 insects, 57 amphibians and another 33 species belonging …

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Turkey’s Istanbul domestic cats are 10 times more likely to have FIV than British domestic cats

Around 22% of domestic cats in Istanbul, Turkey, after FIV+ while the equivalent figure for London and other parts of Britain is between 2 and 5%. Sources: Study and Battersea.

This may surprise readers. I didn’t know until I read a study published in 2000 (things may have changed since) on the topic and compared the figures to those provided by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. The study tells us how commonplace FIV infections are in cats in Istanbul. And there appears to be …

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Abandonment of Persian cats, Ragdolls, Maine Coons and Bengals have soared by up to 300% since 2018 as owners struggle with inherited health problems

This is a picture of four top breeds with unacceptable health issues due to inherited diseases resulting in the cats being relinquished to the RSPCA rescue centres in greater numbers since 2018.

My thanks to the Mail Online for being at the vanguard of discussing domestic cat breeds. They do focus on cats quite a lot which I like. And in this instance, they’ve focused on a topic which I’ve been concerned about for about 15 years. It’s a topic which should concern anybody who wants …

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Declawed cats do not have more behavioral problems than cats with claws. Discuss.

Review of some declawing studies

It is claimed in a series of studies around 2015 that declawing did not alter the behaviour of domestic cats. In fact, the operation pleased the owners and it helped to prevent the abandonment of those cats to shelters. I would like to quote a few of those studies and then discuss the results. …

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The reason why cats knock things over and how it can be avoided

Why cats knock things over

This is a response to the Bored Panda article on why cats knock things over and how to stop them. The veterinary student author of that article lists many reasons why domestic cats knock things over. What we are talking about is cats jumping up onto a table, sideboard or a mantelpiece and knocking …

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