Example weight-loss diet for obese cats (infographic)

This example feline weight-loss diet comes from a study about obesity in animals and humans and how it alters the gut biome which in turn impacts overall health. Researchers can learn a lot about the effect on human health of obesity in reference to gut biome by studying cats; on this occasion a group …

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Human stress smell makes dogs (and cats?) more pessimistic

Whiff of human stress makes dogs more pessimistic

This is an interesting study. It’s about dogs but I believe that it could just as well be about dogs and cats. Or indeed many other companion animals. In earlier studies the researchers found that the smell of a stressed person can subconsciously affect the state of mind of people nearby (emotional contagion). This …

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‘Hello Kitty’ is an anthropomorphized cat transmogrified into a girl 5 apples tall

Hello Kitty is a girl living in London who is 5 apples tall and weighs 3 apples

You have probably heard that the moneymaking machine called ‘Hello Kitty’ is not a cat as many people had believed but in fact a little girl five apples tall and weighing three apples. A teeny, tiny human. But the truth is – for me – that Hello Kitty is somewhere between cat and human. …

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Infographic on ‘risk factors’ in domestic cat scratching

Risk factors in domestic cat scratching by Michael Broad The research by Dr Salgirli Demirbas, a veterinary researcher at Ankara University and team did little in my honest opinion to advance our knowledge of the reasons why domestic cats scratch in an unwanted way – people and furniture and not scratching posts which is …

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