24 facts about Instagram influencer Nala Cat (@nala_cat)

Varisiri Methachittiphan and Nala

Varisiri Methachittiphan and Nala. Photo: Instagram.

Here are 24 facts about Instagram influencer Nala Cat™. The facts have been gleaned from various websites and brought together on one page. I hope that you find them useful. For me, the underlying story is that a standard, slightly obese, moggy from a shelter can become a highly successful social media star. A far bit of luck is involved.


  1. Nala is female.
  2. Her Instagram account is @nala_cat. As at 30 April 2022 she has 4.4 million followers. The number of followers continues to climb. Her Instagram account has 6,691 posts at the date of this article (April 28, 2022).
  3. Nala is a moggy and described as a Siamese-tabby mix. This implies that there are some Siamese genes in her. It is hard to see any Siamese pointing i.e. dark extremities. If there is pointing it is lynx-pointing. Nala looks like a grey tabby cat. Nala’s very slight squint and blue eyes support the link to Siamese cats as it is a breed linked to blue, crossed eyes.
  4. I regret to say that Nala is overweight. This is unfortunate as Nala is an influencer. Being overweight she has the ability to normalise obesity. Her caregiver should take steps to diet her gently
  5. Nala’s name is taken from The Lion King because her human caregiver loves Disney movies.
  6. Nala also has a TikTok page.
  7. Nala is a cat influencer which means that she can promote products on her Instagram page and gets paid by the product manufacturers. It is said that she can command around $11,000 per post (image). Nala has her own ca food brand.
  8. Nala’s earning ability is due to the fact that she has 4.4 million Instagram followers. She has 223,800 TikTok followers.
  9. Nala was born on July 28, 2010 (age 11 as at 2022).
  10. Nala is also said to be the Guinness World Record for the most popular cat on Instagram.
  11. Nala’s human caregiver is Varisiri Methachittiphan (VM). She is of Thai descent. I believe that she lives in Los Angeles, USA.
  12. VM adopted Nala from the Los Angeles animal shelter at Castaic in 2010. She hadn’t intended to adopt a cat when she visited the shelter. She just wanted to see some animals at the shelter with a friend.
  13. Nala does not like to be picked up and cuddled. She appears to be a bit of a madam with “catitude”. Nala is described as “a little bit like a loner”.
  14. VM has two other cats, Luna and Coffee who sleep together. They don’t sleep with Nala.
  15. Coffee knows that he shouldn’t go close to Nala. This indicates that there can be a little bit of friction between Nala and the other two cats. This is not uncommon in multi-cat homes
  16. VM says that Nala became very popular because she started Nala’s Instagram page more or less at the same time that Instagram started. She says that Nala’s Instagram account was one of the first cat accounts. Nala was the first animal to have a personal voice (descriptions in the first person) on Instagram which was a novelty.
  17. Viewers of Nala’s photographs said that her face looked like a cartoon character which probably helped her become so popular.
  18. Nala likes chicken and turkey more than fish. VM would like Nala to be cuddlier but she can cuddle Coffee who is really attached to her.
  19. Nala is therefore quite independent-minded. Nala was described as being very sweet in her adoption papers. But it has to be on her terms.
  20. VM’s advice in building a good Instagram account is to be authentic and try to be yourself and considerate of other people.
  21. For VM it is almost a full-time job to maintain Nala’s Instagram and TikTok pages.
  22. VM uses a smart phone camera. I used to be a photographer and in my opinion her photography is not bad but not great. She could improve. She could use an SLR camera for better control. And the lighting could be improved. But clearly the quality of the photography has not been a barrier to success!
  23. VM is said to be worth $1.5 million. Her date of birth is given as May 28, 1987.
  24. VM is sometimes referred to as “Pookie”.

If a reader of this article can provide any more useful facts, they would be most welcome. Please use the comment box below.

Nala Cat

Nala Cat. Photo: Instagram.

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