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25-30 cats at US Embassy Kabul have been abandoned — 2 Comments

  1. It’s sad to think they left them behind. I do hope the staff at Nowzad rescued them. But Pen probably took all the crates. Pillow cases work great to transport a cat.

  2. I have 30 cats thrown away in the country by POS owners. I’ve spayed and neutered nearly 100, the ferals are all gone now but a few smart old Toms. Kitten were immediately trapped and socialized and rehomed. I’m always broke but I fixed a horrible problem caused by POS owners. I’ve easily spent 20K. When I first moved here there was 200 cats on a 1/4 mile dirt road. It’s been 5 years since the last frozen kitten was scraped out of the ice. Animal control will pick up a dog but not a cat. My old 1994 Blazer is on it’s last legs but you know what I believe I was sent to live here to save them because no one else here cared. I really hate Missouri hillbilly’s.

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