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26-year-old Rescue Cat Quickly Adopted — 4 Comments

    • Despite its huge age, this cat looks cute, I’m glad that he managed to find a new owner and a home! Did you know that the average lifespan of domestic cats is 15-17 years, some breeds, with proper care, live more than 20, and history knows cats that have lived for 30 or more years. Therefore, if your faithful purring friend is surrounded by warmth and care, then you will be inseparable with him for many years. By the way, I advise you to post the photos that you attached to the post on Instagram, where they can be seen and appreciated by a fairly large number of users. From time to time I see similar photos there and noticed that most of them have at least 46 thousand likes! I am sure in order to achieve such indicators, their authors repeatedly https://viplikes.net/buy-instagram-likes in order to quickly increase their number.

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