27th May 9am – Noon: Justice for Tiger Peaceful Demonstration at Austin Court

A group of 69 advocates for Tiger, the domestic cat allegedly killed by Dr Kristen Lindsey, are demonstrating outside court – Austin County Courthouse 1 East Main St. Belleville, TX  – to show a united front in their desire for justice.

Austin courthouse

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As I understand it, the court hearing is a “Grand Jury” (a formal inquiry to investigate potential criminal conduct). It is believed that Lindsey will not be attending.

Protestors have been asked to wear orange shirts/jackets for maximum visibility! And to bring signs as long as they don’t demonstrate hatred of Lindsey. The jurors arrive at 9.

There is a rumour that there may be Kristen Lindsey supporters there as well in a counter demonstration! It could be interesting.

Source: (32) Justice for Tiger Peaceful Demonstration

4 thoughts on “27th May 9am – Noon: Justice for Tiger Peaceful Demonstration at Austin Court”

  1. From their facebook events page: “There was a total of 23 protesters …”

    Only in crazy-cat-lady-world does the 13 people photographed equal 23. Or the 67 in the page’s header that they also claim actually went to it. LOL

      • Whereas a “flash mob” event can be organized in a matter of moments in today’s online social media and hundreds of participants show-up to nearly anywhere that one is being held just 30 minutes later.

        You were saying?

        False-hopes, self-deception, and desperation is all I see here.

  2. Wish I lived there; I’d like to go (if she had guts enough to go herself)!!!! I think I’d let that nasty, evil witch….know what I thought of her!!! No signs….showing hatred for her? That’s a shame…so a sign with her pic with an arrow through her head would be bad? Pity!!!


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