3 am. Crunch, crunch, crunch. What is that?

I was in deep slumber. Gabriel, my cat, charges into the bedroom squeaking his arrival (he’s not learned to meow). He does this but it is usually later at around 6 am after a night’s carousing and hunting. He worries me. He wakes me up. I mumble a response because I think it is good to respond to a cat’s verbal greeting.

Gabriel's eaten prey
Gabriel’s eaten prey
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He jumps on the bed to join me. Good, I vaguely think, half asleep. He’ll probably stay there for the rest of the night. Then I hear crunch, crunch, crunch…My mind wakes up. That can only be one thing: the sound of a domestic cat munching through the carcass of an animal. I turned on the light and I was right.

Gabriel had eaten half the mouse’s body from the head down on the bed. I had just changed the bed clothes about 12 hours earlier. It was too late to do anything about it so I turned off the light and snoozed.

Half was through the mouse Gabriel got tired of it allowing me to remove it before taking a photo for this post. Gabriel howled like a wolf and disappeared outside for more nighttime hunting.

I listened to the early morning radio until I went back to sleep again. Does your cat eat his prey on your bed at night?

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