3 Little Angels

by Debbie

Last year we noticed a stray cat hanging around our house, the next thing we know there is also three small kittens following her around in our yard and onto our porch at night. We began feeding them and decided that with winter coming we needed to get them inside. We borrowed a trap from our local shelter, which they gave with no strings attached. We caught the kittens one by one and brought them in.

We could not find homes for them, so they have now become a part of our family. It is still obvious that they were once wild, but they have warmed up, and one especially has become a great companion to me. She even has a special bed to sleep in that goes anywhere that I sleep. I knew that she was special the first time I saw her because she was so beautiful that she brought tears to my eyes.

We could not catch the Mother cat to bring in so we called for assistance and we had her fixed and set free outside of our home. She is still on the porch every night waiting to be fed. These cats are so precious and I could not imagine my life without them.


3 Little Angels to Feral Cats

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3 Little Angels

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Aug 08, 2009 Love the tenderness
by: Anonymous I always love the tenderness of the love given to stray and feral cats. I think that the best stories are those like yours, Debbie. Thanks a lot
for sharing and for helping these cats. They got lucky and you too by the looks of it.

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