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3-month-old Babies Can Tell the Difference between Dogs and Cats — 3 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure about this, assuming that the baby has actually seen the two entities in the flesh.
    Babies recognize their mother’s image and voice from birth; but, at around 3 months, they’re able to show that recognition.
    I’ve always thought that baby development should be measured in weeks as opposed to months. Every week, until around 2 y/o, there are monumental changes.
    We measure young cats in weeks, don’t we?

  2. How on earth do they know that? lol
    A 3 month old baby can’t even say mama never mind cat and dog.

    • I suppose it is about imagery and how even very young babies can pick up things that perhaps some parents don’t realise. I thought it was quite interesting and it looks at the cat from a different perspective.

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