35,000 applicants for job of cat caretaker on Greek island!

Cat lovers probably remember the job advert placed on Facebook by God’s Little People Cat Rescue which is on the Greek island of Syros. The owners of the rescue, Joan and Richard Powell were advertising for someone to step into their shoes for at least a reasonable length of time.

I wrote about it at the time as did thousands of other websites!

They expected ‘maybe 20-30 applicants’ but they were ‘utterly overwhelmed to get more than 35,000’.

They said it reflected the number of people who really love cats and want to help. I guess it also tells us that there are a lot of people who saw the job as an ideal; a way of breaking out of the less than ideal lifestyle that many people endure for most of their lives.

Of course the job advert went viral and was picked up by the news media, so bingo! However, it is a dream job for hundreds of thousands of people and there are a lot of people who are perfectly qualified for it.

God's Little People Cat Rescue
What a view. Super job.

It’ll be a hell of a job to select the best applicant. How are they going to go through 35k applications?!

Source on number of job applicants: abcNews.com

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1 thought on “35,000 applicants for job of cat caretaker on Greek island!”

  1. I’d also like to do this kind of work. Overall, I’m generally looking for a good job because I’m tired of working with my terrible boss.

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