4 .gifs of cats doing different things

Here are four animated .gifs which show various types of domestic cat behavior.

The first is quite typical in that close dog/cat relationships are very common. This one stands out a bit because the kitten is so small compared to her dog companion and they are sooooo close. Adorable.

The second is intriguing because I don’t remember seeing a cat cling onto a largish heavy object like this to avoid being picked up to go to the vet, which the cat, like most cats, objects too strongly.

The third is not untypical because dogs often raise cats. There are many instances of this but this one I find sad because the cat is quite grown up but still desperate for a drink and seems to be hounding the dog (her/his mother) to get it. The dog seems to tolerate it.

The fourth shows a massive win for a domestic cat over a bear, hundreds of times her weight (although the bear appears to be a juvenile which may explain the nervous behaviour). It is remarkable that the bear feels that he/she has to retreat. Perhaps he knows what a feline swipe to the nose feels like and does not want it repeated. The cat is fearless. Fearlessness is common in cats and so is extreme caution; it depends on the individual.

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This a love relationship in which size is not a barrier to success. I love it particularly the bit where the kitten boxes.

This cat clings on to what appears to be bricks to avoid going to the veterinarian.

This intriguing animated .gif shows a cat desperate to suckle at a dog’s breast. The dog must have raised the cat.

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